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MetaEngine Member List

This is the complete list of members for MetaEngine, including all inherited members.
createInstance(OSystem *syst, Engine **engine) const =0MetaEngine [pure virtual]
detectGames(const Common::FSList &fslist) const =0MetaEngine [pure virtual]
findGame(const char *gameId) const =0MetaEngine [pure virtual]
getExtraGuiOptions(const Common::String &target) const MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
getMaximumSaveSlot() const MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
getName() const =0PluginObject [pure virtual]
getOriginalCopyright() const =0MetaEngine [pure virtual]
getSupportedGames() const =0MetaEngine [pure virtual]
hasFeature(MetaEngineFeature f) const MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
kSavesSupportCreationDate enum valueMetaEngine
kSavesSupportMetaInfo enum valueMetaEngine
kSavesSupportPlayTime enum valueMetaEngine
kSavesSupportThumbnail enum valueMetaEngine
kSimpleSavesNames enum valueMetaEngine
kSupportsDeleteSave enum valueMetaEngine
kSupportsListSaves enum valueMetaEngine
kSupportsLoadingDuringStartup enum valueMetaEngine
listSaves(const char *target) const MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
MetaEngineFeature enum nameMetaEngine
querySaveMetaInfos(const char *target, int slot) const MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
removeSaveState(const char *target, int slot) const MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
~MetaEngine()MetaEngine [inline, virtual]
~PluginObject()PluginObject [inline, virtual]

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