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platform.h File Reference

#include "common/scummsys.h"
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struct  Common::PlatformDescription


namespace  Common

Internal interface to the QuickTime audio decoder.


enum  Common::Platform {
  Common::kPlatformDOS, Common::kPlatformAmiga, Common::kPlatformAtari8Bit, Common::kPlatformAtariST,
  Common::kPlatformMacintosh, Common::kPlatformFMTowns, Common::kPlatformWindows, Common::kPlatformNES,
  Common::kPlatformC64, Common::kPlatformCoCo3, Common::kPlatformLinux, Common::kPlatformAcorn,
  Common::kPlatformSegaCD, Common::kPlatform3DO, Common::kPlatformPCEngine, Common::kPlatformApple2,
  Common::kPlatformApple2GS, Common::kPlatformPC98, Common::kPlatformWii, Common::kPlatformPSX,
  Common::kPlatformPS2, Common::kPlatformXbox, Common::kPlatformCDi, Common::kPlatformIOS,
  Common::kPlatformOS2, Common::kPlatformBeOS, Common::kPlatformUnknown = -1

List of game platforms.



Platform Common::parsePlatform (const String &str)
 Convert a string containing a platform name into a Platform enum value.
const char * Common::getPlatformCode (Platform id)
const char * Common::getPlatformAbbrev (Platform id)
const char * Common::getPlatformDescription (Platform id)

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