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Cloud::StorageFile Member List

This is the complete list of members for Cloud::StorageFile, including all inherited members.
_idCloud::StorageFile [private]
_isDirectoryCloud::StorageFile [private]
_nameCloud::StorageFile [private]
_pathCloud::StorageFile [private]
_sizeCloud::StorageFile [private]
_timestampCloud::StorageFile [private]
id() const Cloud::StorageFile [inline]
isDirectory() const Cloud::StorageFile [inline]
name() const Cloud::StorageFile [inline]
path() const Cloud::StorageFile [inline]
setPath(Common::String path_)Cloud::StorageFile [inline]
size() const Cloud::StorageFile [inline]
StorageFile(Common::String pth, uint32 sz, uint32 ts, bool dir)Cloud::StorageFile
StorageFile(Common::String fileId, Common::String filePath, Common::String fileName, uint32 sz, uint32 ts, bool dir)Cloud::StorageFile
timestamp() const Cloud::StorageFile [inline]

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