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zdirtyrect.cpp File Reference

#include "graphics/tinygl/zdirtyrect.h"
#include "graphics/tinygl/zgl.h"
#include "graphics/tinygl/gl.h"
#include "common/debug.h"
#include "common/math.h"
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struct  TinyGL::DirtyRectangle


namespace  TinyGL
namespace  Graphics


void TinyGL::tglIssueDrawCall (Graphics::DrawCall *drawCall)
void TinyGL::tglDisposeResources (TinyGL::GLContext *c)
void TinyGL::tglDisposeDrawCallLists (TinyGL::GLContext *c)
static void TinyGL::_appendDirtyRectangle (const Graphics::DrawCall &call, Common::List< DirtyRectangle > &rectangles, int r, int g, int b)
static void TinyGL::tglPresentBufferDirtyRects (TinyGL::GLContext *c)
static void TinyGL::tglPresentBufferSimple (TinyGL::GLContext *c)
void TinyGL::tglPresentBuffer ()

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