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Todo List

Member Audio::Mixer::isReady () const =0
get rid of this?

Class Common::ConfigManager
Implement the callback based notification system (outlined below) which sends out notifications to interested parties whenever the value of some specific (or any) configuration key changes.

Class Common::CustomHardwareInputSet
This is currently unused. Perhaps it should be removed.

Member Common::ErrorCode
Adjust all error codes to comply with these conventions.

Member Common::EventType
Merge EVENT_LBUTTONDOWN, EVENT_RBUTTONDOWN and EVENT_WHEELDOWN; likewise EVENT_LBUTTONUP, EVENT_RBUTTONUP, EVENT_WHEELUP. To do that, we just have to add a field to the Event which indicates which button was pressed.

Member Common::FSNode::getChild (const String &name) const
If createWriteStream() (or a hypothetical future mkdir() method) is used, this should affect what exists/isDirectory/isReadable/isWritable return for existing nodes. However, this is not the case for many existing FSNode implementations. Either fix those, or document that FSNodes can become 'stale'...

Member Common::FSNode::isDirectory () const
Currently we assume that a node that is not a directory automatically is a file (ignoring things like symlinks or pipes). That might actually be OK... but we could still add an isFile method. Or even replace isDirectory by a getType() method that can return values like kDirNodeType, kFileNodeType, kInvalidNodeType.

Member Common::KeyState::operator== (const KeyState &x) const
is this still being used?

Member Common::normalizePath (const String &path, const char sep)
remove double dot components: /foo/baz/../bar -> /foo/bar

Class Common::SeekableReadStream
Get rid of SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, or SEEK_END, use our own constants

Class Common::Serializer

Maybe rename this to Synchronizer?

One feature the SCUMM code has but that is missing here: Support for syncing arrays of a given type and *fixed* size; and also support for when the array size changed between versions. Also, support for 2D-arrays.

Proper error handling!

Member Common::Serializer::syncString (String &str, Version minVersion=0, Version maxVersion=kLastVersion)
Replace this method with a special Syncer class for Common::String

Member Engine::syncSoundSettings ()
find a better name for this

Class Graphics::Font
Maybe move the high-level methods (drawString etc.) to a separate FontRenderer class? That way, we could have different variants... ?

Class MidiDriver
Rename MidiDriver to MusicDriver

Member MidiDriverFlags
Rename MidiDriverFlags to MusicDriverFlags

Member OSystem::addSysArchivesToSearchSet (Common::SearchSet &s, int priority=0)
Come up with a better name. This one sucks.

Member Video::VideoDecoder::setRate (const Common::Rational &rate)
This currently does not implement backwards playback, but will be implemented soon.

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