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#include <imuse_sndmgr.h>

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struct  Jump
struct  Region
struct  SoundDesc

Public Member Functions

 ImuseSndMgr (bool demo)
 ~ImuseSndMgr ()
SoundDescopenSound (const char *soundName, int volGroupId)
void closeSound (SoundDesc *sound)
SoundDesccloneSound (SoundDesc *sound)
int getFreq (SoundDesc *sound)
int getBits (SoundDesc *sound)
int getChannels (SoundDesc *sound)
bool isEndOfRegion (SoundDesc *sound, int region)
int getNumRegions (SoundDesc *sound)
int getNumJumps (SoundDesc *sound)
int getRegionOffset (SoundDesc *sound, int region)
int getRegionLength (SoundDesc *sound, int region)
int getJumpIdByRegionAndHookId (SoundDesc *sound, int region, int hookId)
int getRegionIdByJumpId (SoundDesc *sound, int jumpId)
int getJumpHookId (SoundDesc *sound, int number)
int getJumpFade (SoundDesc *sound, int number)
int32 getDataFromRegion (SoundDesc *sound, int region, byte **buf, int32 offset, int32 size)

Private Member Functions

bool checkForProperHandle (SoundDesc *soundDesc)
SoundDescallocSlot ()
void parseSoundHeader (SoundDesc *sound, int &headerSize)
void countElements (SoundDesc *sound)

Private Attributes

SoundDesc _sounds [MAX_IMUSE_SOUNDS]
bool _demo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file imuse_sndmgr.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Grim::ImuseSndMgr::ImuseSndMgr ( bool  demo  ) 

Definition at line 33 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

Grim::ImuseSndMgr::~ImuseSndMgr (  ) 

Definition at line 40 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

ImuseSndMgr::SoundDesc * Grim::ImuseSndMgr::allocSlot (  )  [private]

Definition at line 162 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

bool Grim::ImuseSndMgr::checkForProperHandle ( SoundDesc soundDesc  )  [private]

Definition at line 247 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

ImuseSndMgr::SoundDesc * Grim::ImuseSndMgr::cloneSound ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 241 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

void Grim::ImuseSndMgr::closeSound ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 215 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

void Grim::ImuseSndMgr::countElements ( SoundDesc sound  )  [private]

Definition at line 46 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getBits ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 264 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getChannels ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 269 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int32 Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getDataFromRegion ( SoundDesc sound,
int  region,
byte **  buf,
int32  offset,
int32  size 

Definition at line 341 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getFreq ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 259 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getJumpFade ( SoundDesc sound,
int  number 

Definition at line 335 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getJumpHookId ( SoundDesc sound,
int  number 

Definition at line 329 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getJumpIdByRegionAndHookId ( SoundDesc sound,
int  region,
int  hookId 

Definition at line 302 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getNumJumps ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 285 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getNumRegions ( SoundDesc sound  ) 

Definition at line 280 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getRegionIdByJumpId ( SoundDesc sound,
int  jumpId 

Definition at line 316 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getRegionLength ( SoundDesc sound,
int  region 

Definition at line 296 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

int Grim::ImuseSndMgr::getRegionOffset ( SoundDesc sound,
int  region 

Definition at line 290 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

bool Grim::ImuseSndMgr::isEndOfRegion ( SoundDesc sound,
int  region 

Definition at line 274 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

ImuseSndMgr::SoundDesc * Grim::ImuseSndMgr::openSound ( const char *  soundName,
int  volGroupId 

Definition at line 173 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

void Grim::ImuseSndMgr::parseSoundHeader ( SoundDesc sound,
int &  headerSize 
) [private]

Definition at line 80 of file imuse_sndmgr.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool Grim::ImuseSndMgr::_demo [private]

Definition at line 85 of file imuse_sndmgr.h.

SoundDesc Grim::ImuseSndMgr::_sounds[MAX_IMUSE_SOUNDS] [private]

Definition at line 84 of file imuse_sndmgr.h.

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