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Common::Rect Member List

This is the complete list of members for Common::Rect, including all inherited members.
center(int16 cx, int16 cy, int16 w, int16 h)Common::Rect [inline, static]
clip(const Rect &r)Common::Rect [inline]
clip(int16 maxw, int16 maxh)Common::Rect [inline]
contains(int16 x, int16 y) const Common::Rect [inline]
contains(const Point &p) const Common::Rect [inline]
contains(const Rect &r) const Common::Rect [inline]
debugPrint(int debuglevel=0, const char *caption="Rect:") const Common::Rect [inline]
equals(const Rect &r) const Common::Rect [inline]
extend(const Rect &r)Common::Rect [inline]
findIntersectingRect(const Rect &r) const Common::Rect [inline]
grow(int16 offset)Common::Rect [inline]
height() const Common::Rect [inline]
intersects(const Rect &r) const Common::Rect [inline]
isEmpty() const Common::Rect [inline]
isValidRect() const Common::Rect [inline]
moveTo(int16 x, int16 y)Common::Rect [inline]
moveTo(const Point &p)Common::Rect [inline]
operator!=(const Rect &rhs) const Common::Rect [inline]
operator==(const Rect &rhs) const Common::Rect [inline]
Rect()Common::Rect [inline]
Rect(int16 w, int16 h)Common::Rect [inline]
Rect(int16 x1, int16 y1, int16 x2, int16 y2)Common::Rect [inline]
setHeight(int16 aHeight)Common::Rect [inline]
setWidth(int16 aWidth)Common::Rect [inline]
translate(int16 dx, int16 dy)Common::Rect [inline]
width() const Common::Rect [inline]

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