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font.h File Reference

#include "common/str.h"
#include "common/ustr.h"
#include "common/rect.h"
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class  Graphics::Font
 Instances of this class represent a distinct font, with a built-in renderer. More...


namespace  Common

Internal interface to the QuickTime audio decoder.

namespace  Graphics


enum  Graphics::TextAlign {
  Graphics::kTextAlignInvalid, Graphics::kTextAlignStart, Graphics::kTextAlignLeft, Graphics::kTextAlignCenter,
  Graphics::kTextAlignEnd, Graphics::kTextAlignRight

Text alignment modes.



TextAlign Graphics::convertTextAlignH (TextAlign alignH, bool rtl)
 Converts virtual text alignments (start + end) to actual text alignment (left + right + center) for drawing, if given actual text alignments it is returned as-is.

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