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zblit.h File Reference

#include "graphics/surface.h"
#include "common/rect.h"
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struct  Graphics::BlitTransform


namespace  Graphics
namespace  Graphics::Internal


BlitImage * Graphics::tglGenBlitImage ()
 Generates a new blit image.
void Graphics::tglUploadBlitImage (BlitImage *blitImage, const Graphics::Surface &surface, uint32 colorKey, bool applyColorKey)
 Copies a surface data into the provided blit image.
void Graphics::tglDeleteBlitImage (BlitImage *blitImage)
 Destroys an instance of blit image.
void Graphics::tglGetBlitImageSize (BlitImage *blitImage, int &width, int &height)
 Getter for current blit image width and height.
int Graphics::tglGetBlitImageVersion (BlitImage *blitImage)
 Provides a way to check if the image has been updated.
void Graphics::tglBlit (BlitImage *blitImage, const BlitTransform &transform)
 Blits an image to the color buffer.
void Graphics::tglBlit (BlitImage *blitImage, int x, int y)
 Blits an image to the color buffer.
void Graphics::tglBlitNoBlend (BlitImage *blitImage, const BlitTransform &transform)
 Blits an image to the color buffer without performing any type of blending.
void Graphics::tglBlitFast (BlitImage *blitImage, int x, int y)
 Blits an image to the color buffer without performinc any type of blending, image transformation or tinting.
void Graphics::tglBlitZBuffer (BlitImage *blitImage, int x, int y)
 Blits an image to the depth buffer.
void Graphics::tglIncBlitImageRef (BlitImage *blitImage)
void Graphics::Internal::tglCleanupImages ()
 Performs a cleanup of disposed blit images.
template<bool kEnableAlphaBlending, bool kDisableColor, bool kDisableTransform, bool kDisableBlend>
void Graphics::Internal::tglBlit (BlitImage *blitImage, const BlitTransform &transform)
void Graphics::Internal::tglBlitNoBlend (BlitImage *blitImage, const BlitTransform &transform)
void Graphics::Internal::tglBlitFast (BlitImage *blitImage, int x, int y)
void Graphics::Internal::tglBlitZBuffer (BlitImage *blitImage, int x, int y)
void Graphics::Internal::tglBlitSetScissorRect (const Common::Rect &rect)
 Sets up a scissor rectangle for blit calls: every blit call is affected by this rectangle.
void Graphics::Internal::tglBlitResetScissorRect (void)

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