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audiostream.h File Reference

#include "common/ptr.h"
#include "common/scummsys.h"
#include "common/str.h"
#include "common/types.h"
#include "audio/timestamp.h"
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class  Audio::AudioStream
 Generic audio input stream. More...
class  Audio::RewindableAudioStream
 A rewindable audio stream. More...
class  Audio::LoopingAudioStream
 A looping audio stream. More...
class  Audio::SeekableAudioStream
 A seekable audio stream. More...
class  Audio::SubLoopingAudioStream
 A looping audio stream, which features looping of a nested part of the stream. More...
class  Audio::SubSeekableAudioStream
 A SubSeekableAudioStream provides access to a SeekableAudioStream just in the range [start, end). More...
class  Audio::QueuingAudioStream
class  Audio::PacketizedAudioStream
 An AudioStream designed to work in terms of packets. More...
class  Audio::StatelessPacketizedAudioStream
 A PacketizedAudioStream that works closer to a QueuingAudioStream. More...


namespace  Common

Internal interface to the QuickTime audio decoder.

namespace  Audio

Internal interfaces to the ADPCM decoders.


AudioStream * Audio::makeLoopingAudioStream (RewindableAudioStream *stream, uint loops)
 Wrapper functionality to efficiently create a stream, which might be looped.
AudioStream * Audio::makeLoopingAudioStream (SeekableAudioStream *stream, Timestamp start, Timestamp end, uint loops)
 Wrapper functionality to efficiently create a stream, which might be looped in a certain interval.
QueuingAudioStream * Audio::makeQueuingAudioStream (int rate, bool stereo)
 Factory function for an QueuingAudioStream.
Timestamp Audio::convertTimeToStreamPos (const Timestamp &where, int rate, bool isStereo)
 Converts a point in time to a precise sample offset with the given parameters.
AudioStream * Audio::makeLimitingAudioStream (AudioStream *parentStream, const Timestamp &length, DisposeAfterUse::Flag disposeAfterUse=DisposeAfterUse::YES)
 Factory function for an AudioStream wrapper that cuts off the amount of samples read after a given time length is reached.
AudioStream * Audio::makeNullAudioStream ()
 Create an AudioStream that plays nothing and immediately returns that endOfStream() has been reached.

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