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Graphics::Surface Member List

This is the complete list of members for Graphics::Surface, including all inherited members.
convertTo(const PixelFormat &dstFormat, const byte *palette=0) const Graphics::Surface
convertToInPlace(const PixelFormat &dstFormat, const byte *palette=0)Graphics::Surface
copyFrom(const Surface &surf)Graphics::Surface
copyRectToSurface(const void *buffer, int srcPitch, int destX, int destY, int width, int height)Graphics::Surface
copyRectToSurface(const Graphics::Surface &srcSurface, int destX, int destY, const Common::Rect subRect)Graphics::Surface
create(uint16 width, uint16 height, const PixelFormat &format)Graphics::Surface
drawLine(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, uint32 color)Graphics::Surface
drawThickLine(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1, int penX, int penY, uint32 color)Graphics::Surface
fillRect(Common::Rect r, uint32 color)Graphics::Surface
flipVertical(const Common::Rect &r)Graphics::Surface
frameRect(const Common::Rect &r, uint32 color)Graphics::Surface
getBasePtr(int x, int y) const Graphics::Surface [inline]
getBasePtr(int x, int y)Graphics::Surface [inline]
getPixels() const Graphics::Surface [inline]
getPixels()Graphics::Surface [inline]
getSubArea(const Common::Rect &area)Graphics::Surface
getSubArea(const Common::Rect &area) const Graphics::Surface
hLine(int x, int y, int x2, uint32 color)Graphics::Surface
init(uint16 width, uint16 height, uint16 pitch, void *pixels, const PixelFormat &format)Graphics::Surface
move(int dx, int dy, int height)Graphics::Surface
pixelsGraphics::Surface [protected]
setPixels(void *newPixels)Graphics::Surface [inline]
Surface()Graphics::Surface [inline]
vLine(int x, int y, int y2, uint32 color)Graphics::Surface

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