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Image::Codec Member List

This is the complete list of members for Image::Codec, including all inherited members.
canDither(DitherType type) const Image::Codec [inline, virtual]
Codec()Image::Codec [inline]
containsPalette() const Image::Codec [inline, virtual]
createQuickTimeDitherTable(const byte *palette, uint colorCount)Image::Codec [static]
decodeFrame(Common::SeekableReadStream &stream)=0Image::Codec [pure virtual]
DitherType enum nameImage::Codec
getPalette()Image::Codec [inline, virtual]
getPixelFormat() const =0Image::Codec [pure virtual]
hasDirtyPalette() const Image::Codec [inline, virtual]
kDitherTypeQT enum valueImage::Codec
kDitherTypeUnknown enum valueImage::Codec
kDitherTypeVFW enum valueImage::Codec
setDither(DitherType type, const byte *palette)Image::Codec [inline, virtual]
~Codec()Image::Codec [inline, virtual]

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