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pool.h File Reference

#include "common/hashmap.h"
#include "common/list.h"
#include "engines/grim/savegame.h"
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class  Grim::PoolObjectBase
class  Grim::PoolObject< T >
class  Grim::PoolObject< T >::Pool
class  Grim::PoolObject< T >::Pool::Iterator< it, Type >
class  Grim::PoolObject< T >::Ptr
 Smart pointer class This class wraps a C pointer to T, subclass of PoolObject, which gets reset to NULL as soon as the object is deleted, e.g by Pool::restoreObjects(). More...


namespace  Grim


template<class T >
bool Grim::operator== (T *obj, const typename PoolObject< T >::Ptr &ptr)
template<class T >
bool Grim::operator!= (T *obj, const typename PoolObject< T >::Ptr &ptr)

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