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Grim::Font Member List

This is the complete list of members for Grim::Font, including all inherited members.
_baseOffsetYGrim::Font [private]
_charHeadersGrim::Font [private]
_charIndexGrim::Font [private]
_dataSizeGrim::Font [private]
_filenameGrim::Font [private]
_firstCharGrim::Font [private]
_fontDataGrim::Font [private]
_kernedHeightGrim::Font [private]
_lastCharGrim::Font [private]
_numCharsGrim::Font [private]
_userDataGrim::Font [private]
emerFontGrim::Font [static]
getBaseOffsetY() const Grim::Font [inline]
getBitmapStringLength(const Common::String &text) const Grim::Font
getCharBitmapHeight(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getCharBitmapWidth(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getCharData(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getCharIndex(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [private]
getCharKernedWidth(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getCharOffset(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getCharStartingCol(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getCharStartingLine(unsigned char c) const Grim::Font [inline]
getDataSize() const Grim::Font [inline]
getFilename() const Grim::Font [inline]
getFontData() const Grim::Font [inline]
getId() const overrideGrim::PoolObject< Font > [virtual]
getKernedHeight() const Grim::Font [inline]
getKernedStringLength(const Common::String &text) const Grim::Font
getPool()Grim::PoolObject< Font > [static]
getStaticTag()Grim::Font [inline, static]
getStringHeight(const Common::String &text) const Grim::Font
getTag() const overrideGrim::PoolObject< Font > [inline, virtual]
getUserData() const Grim::Font [inline]
load(const Common::String &filename, Common::SeekableReadStream *data)Grim::Font
PoolObject()Grim::PoolObject< Font > [protected]
restoreState(SaveGame *state)Grim::Font
restoreStaticState(SaveGame *state)Grim::PoolObject< Font > [inline, protected, static]
saveState(SaveGame *state) const Grim::Font
saveStaticState(SaveGame *state)Grim::PoolObject< Font > [inline, protected, static]
setId(int id)Grim::PoolObject< Font >
setUserData(void *data)Grim::Font [inline]
~PoolObject()Grim::PoolObject< Font > [virtual]
~PoolObjectBase()Grim::PoolObjectBase [inline, virtual]

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