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llex.cpp File Reference

#include "common/util.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lauxlib.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/llex.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lmem.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lobject.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lparser.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstate.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstring.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstx.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/luadebug.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lzio.h"
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namespace  Grim


#define next(LS)   (LS->current = zgetc(LS->lex_z))
#define PRAGMASIZE   20
#define save(c)   luaL_addchar(c)
#define save_and_next(LS)   (save(LS->current), next(LS))


void Grim::luaX_init ()
static void Grim::firstline (LexState *LS)
void Grim::luaX_setinput (ZIO *z)
static void Grim::skipspace (LexState *LS)
static int32 Grim::checkcond (char *buff)
static void Grim::readname (LexState *LS, char *buff)
static void Grim::inclinenumber (LexState *LS)
static void Grim::ifskip (LexState *LS)
char * Grim::luaX_lasttoken ()
static int Grim::read_long_string (LexState *LS, YYSTYPE *l)
int32 Grim::luaY_lex (YYSTYPE *l)


int32 Grim::lua_debug = 0
struct {
   const char *   Grim::name
   int   Grim::token
Grim::reserved []

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Definition at line 7 of file llex.cpp.


Definition at line 6 of file llex.cpp.

#define next (   LS  )     (LS->current = zgetc(LS->lex_z))

Definition at line 26 of file llex.cpp.

#define PRAGMASIZE   20

Definition at line 74 of file llex.cpp.

#define save (   c  )     luaL_addchar(c)

Definition at line 187 of file llex.cpp.

#define save_and_next (   LS  )     (save(LS->current), next(LS))

Definition at line 188 of file llex.cpp.

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