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indeo.cpp File Reference

#include "image/codecs/indeo/indeo.h"
#include "image/codecs/indeo/indeo_dsp.h"
#include "image/codecs/indeo/mem.h"
#include "graphics/yuv_to_rgb.h"
#include "common/system.h"
#include "common/algorithm.h"
#include "common/rect.h"
#include "common/textconsole.h"
#include "common/util.h"
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namespace  Image

Based on the PCX specs: and the PCX decoder of FFmpeg (libavcodec/pcx.c):;a=blob;f=libavcodec/pcx.c.

namespace  Image::Indeo


#define IVI_NUM_TILES(stride, tileSize)   (((stride) + (tileSize) - 1) / (tileSize))
 calculate number of _tiles in a stride


static const IVIHuffDesc Image::Indeo::ivi_mb_huff_desc [8]
 These are 2x8 predefined Huffman codebooks for coding macroblock/block signals.
static const IVIHuffDesc Image::Indeo::ivi_blk_huff_desc [8]
 static block huffman tables

Define Documentation

#define IVI_NUM_TILES (   stride,
)    (((stride) + (tileSize) - 1) / (tileSize))

calculate number of _tiles in a stride

Definition at line 80 of file indeo.cpp.

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