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language.h File Reference

#include "common/scummsys.h"
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struct  Common::LanguageDescription


namespace  Common

Internal interface to the QuickTime audio decoder.


enum  Common::Language {
  Common::ZH_CNA, Common::ZH_TWN, Common::HR_HRV, Common::CZ_CZE,
  Common::DA_DAN, Common::NL_NLD, Common::EN_ANY, Common::EN_GRB,
  Common::EN_USA, Common::ET_EST, Common::FI_FIN, Common::FR_FRA,
  Common::DE_DEU, Common::GR_GRE, Common::HE_ISR, Common::HU_HUN,
  Common::IT_ITA, Common::JA_JPN, Common::KO_KOR, Common::LV_LAT,
  Common::NB_NOR, Common::PL_POL, Common::PT_BRA, Common::PT_POR,
  Common::RU_RUS, Common::SK_SVK, Common::ES_ESP, Common::SE_SWE,
  Common::UA_UKR, Common::UNK_LANG = -1

List of game language.



Language Common::parseLanguage (const String &str)
 Convert a string containing a language name into a Language enum value.
Language Common::parseLanguageFromLocale (const char *locale)
const char * Common::getLanguageCode (Language id)
const char * Common::getLanguageLocale (Language id)
const char * Common::getLanguageDescription (Language id)
const String Common::getGameGUIOptionsDescriptionLanguage (Language lang)
bool Common::checkGameGUIOptionLanguage (Language lang, const String &str)

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