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OpenGL::Texture Member List

This is the complete list of members for OpenGL::Texture, including all inherited members.
_heightOpenGL::Texture [protected]
_managedTextureOpenGL::Texture [protected]
_texHeightOpenGL::Texture [protected]
_textureOpenGL::Texture [protected]
_texWidthOpenGL::Texture [protected]
_widthOpenGL::Texture [protected]
get565PixelFormat()OpenGL::Texture [static]
getHeight() const OpenGL::Texture [inline]
getRGBAPixelFormat()OpenGL::Texture [static]
getTexHeight() const OpenGL::Texture [inline]
getTextureName() const OpenGL::Texture [inline]
getTexWidth() const OpenGL::Texture [inline]
getWidth() const OpenGL::Texture [inline]
Texture(const Graphics::Surface &srf)OpenGL::Texture
Texture(uint width, uint height)OpenGL::Texture
Texture(GLuint texture_name, uint width, uint height, uint texture_width, uint texture_height)OpenGL::Texture
~Texture()OpenGL::Texture [virtual]

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