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Image::Indeo::AVFrame Struct Reference

#include <indeo.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 AVFrame ()
 ~AVFrame ()
int setDimensions (uint16 width, uint16 height)
 Sets the frame dimensions.
int getBuffer (int flags)
 Get a buffer for a frame.
void freeFrame ()
 Frees any data loaded for the frame.

Public Attributes

int _width
int _height
 pointer to the picture/channel planes.
int _linesize [AV_NUM_DATA_POINTERS]
 For video, size in bytes of each picture line.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 304 of file indeo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Image::Indeo::AVFrame::AVFrame (  ) 


Definition at line 404 of file indeo.cpp.

Image::Indeo::AVFrame::~AVFrame (  )  [inline]


Definition at line 350 of file indeo.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Image::Indeo::AVFrame::freeFrame (  ) 

Frees any data loaded for the frame.

Definition at line 432 of file indeo.cpp.

int Image::Indeo::AVFrame::getBuffer ( int  flags  ) 

Get a buffer for a frame.

Definition at line 417 of file indeo.cpp.

int Image::Indeo::AVFrame::setDimensions ( uint16  width,
uint16  height 

Sets the frame dimensions.

Definition at line 409 of file indeo.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

uint8* Image::Indeo::AVFrame::_data[AV_NUM_DATA_POINTERS]

pointer to the picture/channel planes.

This might be different from the first allocated byte

Some decoders access areas outside 0,0 - width,height, please see avcodec_align_dimensions2(). Some filters and swscale can read up to 16 bytes beyond the planes, if these filters are to be used, then 16 extra bytes must be allocated.

NOTE: Except for hwaccel formats, pointers not needed by the format MUST be set to NULL.

Definition at line 323 of file indeo.h.

Definition at line 308 of file indeo.h.

int Image::Indeo::AVFrame::_linesize[AV_NUM_DATA_POINTERS]

For video, size in bytes of each picture line.

For audio, size in bytes of each plane.

For audio, only linesize[0] may be set. For planar audio, each channel plane must be the same size.

For video the linesizes should be multiples of the CPUs alignment preference, this is 16 or 32 for modern desktop CPUs. Some code requires such alignment other code can be slower without correct alignment, for yet other it makes no difference.

The linesize may be larger than the size of usable data -- there may be extra padding present for performance reasons.

Definition at line 340 of file indeo.h.


Definition at line 308 of file indeo.h.

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