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Graphics::FontSJIS Member List

This is the complete list of members for Graphics::FontSJIS, including all inherited members.
createFont(const Common::Platform platform=Common::kPlatformUnknown)Graphics::FontSJIS [static]
drawChar(Graphics::Surface &dst, uint16 ch, int x, int y, uint32 c1, uint32 c2) const Graphics::FontSJIS
drawChar(void *dst, uint16 ch, int pitch, int bpp, uint32 c1, uint32 c2, int maxW, int maxH) const =0Graphics::FontSJIS [pure virtual]
DrawingMode enum nameGraphics::FontSJIS
getCharWidth(uint16 ch) const =0Graphics::FontSJIS [pure virtual]
getFontHeight() const =0Graphics::FontSJIS [pure virtual]
getMaxFontWidth() const =0Graphics::FontSJIS [pure virtual]
kDefaultMode enum valueGraphics::FontSJIS
kFMTownsShadowMode enum valueGraphics::FontSJIS
kOutlineMode enum valueGraphics::FontSJIS
kShadowLeftMode enum valueGraphics::FontSJIS
kShadowRightMode enum valueGraphics::FontSJIS
loadData()=0Graphics::FontSJIS [pure virtual]
setCharSpacing(int spacing)Graphics::FontSJIS [inline, virtual]
setDrawingMode(DrawingMode mode)Graphics::FontSJIS [inline, virtual]
setLineSpacing(int spacing)Graphics::FontSJIS [inline, virtual]
toggleFatPrint(bool enable)Graphics::FontSJIS [inline, virtual]
toggleFlippedMode(bool enable)Graphics::FontSJIS [inline, virtual]
~FontSJIS()Graphics::FontSJIS [inline, virtual]

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