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#include "backends/platform/sdl/macosx/appmenu_osx.h"
#include "common/translation.h"
#include "backends/platform/sdl/macosx/macosx-compat.h"
#include <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#include <AppKit/NSWorkspace.h>
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class  NSApplication(MissingFunction)
class  ScummVMMenuHandler




static void openFromBundle (NSString *file)
NSString * constructNSStringFromCString (const char *rawCString, CFStringEncoding stringEncoding)
static NSMenu * addMenu (const char *title, CFStringEncoding encoding, NSString *key, SEL setAs)
static void addMenuItem (const char *title, CFStringEncoding encoding, id target, SEL selector, NSString *key, NSMenu *parent, NSEventModifierFlags flags=0)
void releaseMenu ()
void replaceApplicationMenuItems ()


static ScummVMMenuHandlerdelegate = nullptr

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static NSMenu* addMenu ( const char *  title,
CFStringEncoding  encoding,
NSString *  key,
SEL  setAs 
) [static]

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static void addMenuItem ( const char *  title,
CFStringEncoding  encoding,
id  target,
SEL  selector,
NSString *  key,
NSMenu *  parent,
NSEventModifierFlags  flags = 0 
) [static]

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NSString* constructNSStringFromCString ( const char *  rawCString,
CFStringEncoding  stringEncoding 

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static void openFromBundle ( NSString *  file  )  [static]

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void releaseMenu (  ) 

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void replaceApplicationMenuItems (  ) 

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ScummVMMenuHandler* delegate = nullptr [static]

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