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#include <menu.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Menu (Myst3Engine *vm)
virtual ~Menu ()
bool isOpen () const
 Indicates if the player is currently in a menu node.
virtual bool handleInput (const Common::KeyState &e)=0
 Handle an event for the menu.
void updateMainMenu (uint16 action)
void goToNode (uint16 node)
Graphics::SurfacecaptureThumbnail ()
 Capture a save thumbnail.
void generateSaveThumbnail ()
 Capture and save a thumbnail thumbnail can be obtain from borrowSaveThumbnail().
Graphics::SurfaceborrowSaveThumbnail ()
 Get the current save thumbnail.
virtual void saveLoadAction (uint16 action, uint16 item)=0
virtual void setSaveLoadSpotItem (uint16 id, SpotItemFace *spotItem)

Protected Member Functions

uint dialogIdFromType (DialogType type)
uint16 dialogConfirmValue ()
uint16 dialogSaveValue ()
Graphics::SurfacecreateThumbnail (Graphics::Surface *big)
Common::String getAgeLabel (GameState *gameState)

Protected Attributes

< Graphics::Surface,
Common::String _saveLoadAgeName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file menu.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Myst3::Menu::Menu ( Myst3Engine vm  ) 

Definition at line 221 of file menu.cpp.

Myst3::Menu::~Menu (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 226 of file menu.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

Graphics::Surface * Myst3::Menu::borrowSaveThumbnail (  ) 

Get the current save thumbnail.

Only valid while the menu is open

Definition at line 462 of file menu.cpp.

Graphics::Surface * Myst3::Menu::captureThumbnail (  ) 

Capture a save thumbnail.

Definition at line 309 of file menu.cpp.

Graphics::Surface * Myst3::Menu::createThumbnail ( Graphics::Surface big  )  [protected]

Definition at line 423 of file menu.cpp.

uint16 Myst3::Menu::dialogConfirmValue (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 387 of file menu.cpp.

uint Myst3::Menu::dialogIdFromType ( DialogType  type  )  [protected]

Definition at line 354 of file menu.cpp.

uint16 Myst3::Menu::dialogSaveValue (  )  [protected]

Definition at line 395 of file menu.cpp.

void Myst3::Menu::generateSaveThumbnail (  ) 

Capture and save a thumbnail thumbnail can be obtain from borrowSaveThumbnail().

Definition at line 458 of file menu.cpp.

Common::String Myst3::Menu::getAgeLabel ( GameState gameState  )  [protected]

Definition at line 403 of file menu.cpp.

void Myst3::Menu::goToNode ( uint16  node  ) 

Definition at line 318 of file menu.cpp.

virtual bool Myst3::Menu::handleInput ( const Common::KeyState e  )  [pure virtual]

Handle an event for the menu.

true if the event was handled

Implemented in Myst3::PagingMenu, and Myst3::AlbumMenu.

bool Myst3::Menu::isOpen (  )  const

Indicates if the player is currently in a menu node.

Definition at line 454 of file menu.cpp.

virtual void Myst3::Menu::saveLoadAction ( uint16  action,
uint16  item 
) [pure virtual]

Implemented in Myst3::PagingMenu, and Myst3::AlbumMenu.

void Myst3::Menu::setSaveLoadSpotItem ( uint16  id,
SpotItemFace spotItem 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented in Myst3::AlbumMenu.

Definition at line 448 of file menu.cpp.

void Myst3::Menu::updateMainMenu ( uint16  action  ) 

Definition at line 229 of file menu.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 98 of file menu.h.

Definition at line 97 of file menu.h.

Definition at line 93 of file menu.h.

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