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rate.h File Reference

#include "common/scummsys.h"
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class  Audio::RateConverter


namespace  Audio

Internal interfaces to the ADPCM decoders.


typedef int16 Audio::st_sample_t
typedef uint16 Audio::st_volume_t
typedef uint32 Audio::st_size_t
typedef uint32 Audio::st_rate_t


enum  { Audio::ST_SAMPLE_MAX = 0x7fffL, Audio::ST_SAMPLE_MIN = (-ST_SAMPLE_MAX - 1L) }
enum  { Audio::ST_EOF = -1, Audio::ST_SUCCESS = 0 }


static void Audio::clampedAdd (int16 &a, int b)
RateConverter * Audio::makeRateConverter (st_rate_t inrate, st_rate_t outrate, bool stereo, bool reverseStereo)
 Create and return a RateConverter object for the specified input and output rates.

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