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Audio::SeekableAudioStream Member List

This is the complete list of members for Audio::SeekableAudioStream, including all inherited members.
endOfData() const =0Audio::AudioStream [pure virtual]
endOfStream() const Audio::AudioStream [inline, virtual]
getLength() const =0Audio::SeekableAudioStream [pure virtual]
getRate() const =0Audio::AudioStream [pure virtual]
isStereo() const =0Audio::AudioStream [pure virtual]
openStreamFile(const Common::String &basename)Audio::SeekableAudioStream [static]
readBuffer(int16 *buffer, const int numSamples)=0Audio::AudioStream [pure virtual]
rewind()Audio::SeekableAudioStream [inline, virtual]
seek(uint32 where)Audio::SeekableAudioStream [inline]
seek(const Timestamp &where)=0Audio::SeekableAudioStream [pure virtual]
~AudioStream()Audio::AudioStream [inline, virtual]

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