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wmadata.h File Reference

#include "common/types.h"
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struct  Audio::WMACoefHuffmanParam
 Parameters for Huffman'd WMA coefficient codes. More...


namespace  Audio

Internal interfaces to the ADPCM decoders.


const uint16 Audio::wmaCriticalFreqs [25]
static const uint8 Audio::exponentBand22050 [3][25]
static const uint8 Audio::exponentBand32000 [3][25]
static const uint8 Audio::exponentBand44100 [3][25]
static const uint32 Audio::coef0Huffcodes [666]
static const uint8 Audio::coef0Huffbits [666]
static const uint32 Audio::coef1Huffcodes [555]
static const uint8 Audio::coef1Huffbits [555]
static const uint32 Audio::coef2Huffcodes [1336]
static const uint8 Audio::coef2Huffbits [1336]
static const uint32 Audio::coef3Huffcodes [1072]
static const uint8 Audio::coef3Huffbits [1072]
static const uint32 Audio::coef4Huffcodes [476]
static const uint8 Audio::coef4Huffbits [476]
static const uint32 Audio::coef5Huffcodes [435]
static const uint8 Audio::coef5Huffbits [435]
static const uint16 Audio::levels0 [60]
static const uint16 Audio::levels1 [40]
static const uint16 Audio::levels2 [340]
static const uint16 Audio::levels3 [180]
static const uint16 Audio::levels4 [70]
static const uint16 Audio::levels5 [40]
static const WMACoefHuffmanParam Audio::coefHuffmanParam [6]
const uint32 Audio::hgainHuffCodes [37]
const uint8 Audio::hgainHuffBits [37]
const uint32 Audio::scaleHuffCodes [121]
const uint8 Audio::scaleHuffBits [121]
static const int Audio::kLSPCoefCount = 10
const float Audio::lspCodebook [kLSPCoefCount][16]

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