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Myst3::Effect Member List

This is the complete list of members for Myst3::Effect, including all inherited members.
_facesMasksMyst3::Effect [protected]
_vmMyst3::Effect [protected]
applyForFace(uint face, Graphics::Surface *src, Graphics::Surface *dst)=0Myst3::Effect [pure virtual]
Effect(Myst3Engine *vm)Myst3::Effect [protected]
FaceMaskMap typedefMyst3::Effect [protected]
getUpdateRectForFace(uint face)Myst3::Effect
hasFace(uint face)Myst3::Effect [inline]
loadMask(Common::SeekableReadStream *maskStream)Myst3::Effect [static]
loadMasks(const Common::String &room, uint32 id, Archive::ResourceType type)Myst3::Effect [protected]
update()=0Myst3::Effect [pure virtual]
~Effect()Myst3::Effect [virtual]

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