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rate.cpp File Reference

#include "audio/audiostream.h"
#include "audio/rate.h"
#include "audio/mixer.h"
#include "common/frac.h"
#include "common/textconsole.h"
#include "common/util.h"
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class  Audio::SimpleRateConverter< stereo, reverseStereo >
 Audio rate converter based on simple resampling. More...
class  Audio::LinearRateConverter< stereo, reverseStereo >
 Audio rate converter based on simple linear Interpolation. More...
class  Audio::CopyRateConverter< stereo, reverseStereo >
 Simple audio rate converter for the case that the inrate equals the outrate. More...


namespace  Audio

Internal interfaces to the ADPCM decoders.


 The size of the intermediate input cache.


enum  { Audio::FRAC_BITS_LOW = 15, Audio::FRAC_ONE_LOW = (1L << FRAC_BITS_LOW), Audio::FRAC_HALF_LOW = (1L << (FRAC_BITS_LOW-1)) }

The default fractional type in frac.h (with 16 fractional bits) limits the rate conversion code to 65536Hz audio: we need to able to handle 96kHz audio, so we use fewer fractional bits in this code.



template<bool stereo, bool reverseStereo>
RateConverter * Audio::makeRateConverter (st_rate_t inrate, st_rate_t outrate)
RateConverter * Audio::makeRateConverter (st_rate_t inrate, st_rate_t outrate, bool stereo, bool reverseStereo)
 Create and return a RateConverter object for the specified input and output rates.

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The size of the intermediate input cache.

Bigger values may increase performance, but only until some point (depends largely on cache size, target processor and various other factors), at which it will decrease again.

Definition at line 47 of file rate.cpp.

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