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menu.h File Reference

#include "engines/myst3/gfx.h"
#include "common/events.h"
#include "common/hashmap.h"
#include "common/memstream.h"
#include "common/ptr.h"
#include "common/rect.h"
#include "common/savefile.h"
#include "common/str-array.h"
#include "video/bink_decoder.h"
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class  Myst3::Menu
class  Myst3::PagingMenu
class  Myst3::AlbumMenu
class  Myst3::Dialog
class  Myst3::ButtonsDialog
class  Myst3::GamepadDialog


namespace  Myst3


enum  Myst3::DialogType {
  Myst3::kConfirmNewGame, Myst3::kConfirmLoadGame, Myst3::kConfirmOverwrite, Myst3::kConfirmEraseSavedGame,
  Myst3::kErrorEraseSavedGame, Myst3::kConfirmQuit

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