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ltable.h File Reference

#include "engines/grim/lua/lobject.h"
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namespace  Grim


#define node(t, i)   (&(t)->node[i])
#define ref(n)   (&(n)->ref)
#define val(n)   (&(n)->val)
#define nhash(t)   ((t)->nhash)


Hash * Grim::luaH_new (int32 nhash)
void Grim::luaH_free (Hash *frees)
TObject * Grim::luaH_get (Hash *t, TObject *r)
TObject * Grim::luaH_set (Hash *t, TObject *r)
Node * Grim::luaH_next (TObject *o, TObject *r)
Node * Grim::hashnodecreate (int32 nhash)
int32 Grim::present (Hash *t, TObject *key)

Define Documentation

#define nhash (   t  )     ((t)->nhash)

Definition at line 16 of file ltable.h.

#define node (   t,
)    (&(t)->node[i])

Definition at line 13 of file ltable.h.

#define ref (   n  )     (&(n)->ref)

Definition at line 14 of file ltable.h.

#define val (   n  )     (&(n)->val)

Definition at line 15 of file ltable.h.

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