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Graphics::TransformTools Class Reference

#include <transform_tools.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static FloatPoint transformPoint (FloatPoint point, const float rotate, const Common::Point &zoom, const bool mirrorX=false, const bool mirrorY=false)
 Basic transform (scale + rotate) for a single point.
static Common::Rect newRect (const Common::Rect &oldRect, const TransformStruct &transform, Common::Point *newHotspot)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file transform_tools.h.

Member Function Documentation

Common::Rect Graphics::TransformTools::newRect ( const Common::Rect oldRect,
const TransformStruct transform,
Common::Point newHotspot 
) [static]
the smallest rect that can contain the transformed sprite and, as a side-effect, "newHotspot" will tell you where the hotspot will have ended up in the new rect, for centering.

Definition at line 56 of file transform_tools.cpp.

FloatPoint Graphics::TransformTools::transformPoint ( FloatPoint  point,
const float  rotate,
const Common::Point zoom,
const bool  mirrorX = false,
const bool  mirrorY = false 
) [static]

Basic transform (scale + rotate) for a single point.

point the point on which the transform is to be applied
rotate the angle in degrees
zoom zoom x,y in percent
mirrorX flip along the vertical axis?
mirrorY flip along the horizontal axis?

Definition at line 30 of file transform_tools.cpp.

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