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ICB::c_compressed_game_object Class Reference

#include <px_game_object.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

cstr GetName () const
uint GetNoLvars () const
uint GetNoScripts () const
uint32 GetSize ()
uint32 GetScriptNameFullHash (uint32) const
uint32 GetScriptNamePartHash (uint32) const
cstr GetScriptVariableName (uint32) const
int32 GetVariable (cstr name) const
int32 IsVariableString (uint32) const
void SetIntegerVariable (uint32, int32)
int32GetIntegerVariable (uint32)
cstr GetStringVariable (uint32) const
cstr GetStringValueOrDefault (const cstr varName, const cstr defaultStr)
int32 GetIntegerValueOrDefault (const cstr varName, int32 defaultInt)

Public Attributes

uint32 ob_status

Protected Attributes

uint32 m_size
uint32 m_var_table_offset
uint32 m_script_name_hash_table_offset
uint32 m_lvars_offset
uint32 m_name_offset
uint32 m_noLvars
uint32 m_noScripts


class c_compressed_game_objectCreator

Detailed Description

Definition at line 191 of file px_game_object.h.

Member Function Documentation

int32 ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetIntegerValueOrDefault ( const cstr  varName,
int32  defaultInt 
) [inline]

Definition at line 227 of file px_game_object.h.

int32 & ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetIntegerVariable ( uint32  lvar  )  [inline]

Definition at line 336 of file px_game_object.h.

cstr ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetName (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 267 of file px_game_object.h.

uint ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetNoLvars (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 272 of file px_game_object.h.

uint ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetNoScripts (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 277 of file px_game_object.h.

uint32 ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetScriptNameFullHash ( uint32  scriptNo  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 282 of file px_game_object.h.

uint32 ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetScriptNamePartHash ( uint32  scriptNo  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 287 of file px_game_object.h.

cstr ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetScriptVariableName ( uint32  varNo  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 292 of file px_game_object.h.

uint32 ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetSize (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 202 of file px_game_object.h.

cstr ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetStringValueOrDefault ( const cstr  varName,
const cstr  defaultStr 
) [inline]

Definition at line 218 of file px_game_object.h.

cstr ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetStringVariable ( uint32  lvar  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 342 of file px_game_object.h.

int32 ICB::c_compressed_game_object::GetVariable ( cstr  name  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 310 of file px_game_object.h.

int32 ICB::c_compressed_game_object::IsVariableString ( uint32  varNo  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 301 of file px_game_object.h.

void ICB::c_compressed_game_object::SetIntegerVariable ( uint32  lvar,
int32  val 
) [inline]

Definition at line 331 of file px_game_object.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class c_compressed_game_objectCreator [friend]

Definition at line 236 of file px_game_object.h.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 256 of file px_game_object.h.

Definition at line 257 of file px_game_object.h.

Definition at line 239 of file px_game_object.h.

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