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lstrlib.cpp File Reference

#include "common/util.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lauxlib.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lua.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lualib.h"
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struct  Grim::Capture


namespace  Grim


#define MAX_CAPT   9
#define ESC   '%'
#define SPECIALS   "^$*?.([%-"
#define MAX_FORMAT   200


static void Grim::addnchar (const char *s, int32 n)
static void Grim::addstr (const char *s)
static void Grim::str_len ()
static void Grim::closeandpush ()
static void Grim::str_sub ()
static void Grim::str_lower ()
static void Grim::str_upper ()
static void Grim::str_rep ()
static void Grim::push_captures (Capture *cap)
static int32 Grim::check_cap (int32 l, Capture *cap)
static int32 Grim::capture_to_close (Capture *cap)
static const char * Grim::bracket_end (const char *p)
static int32 Grim::matchclass (int32 c, int32 cl)
int32 Grim::luaI_singlematch (int32 c, const char *p, const char **ep)
static const char * Grim::matchbalance (const char *s, int32 b, int32 e)
static const char * Grim::matchitem (const char *s, const char *p, Capture *cap, const char **ep)
static const char * Grim::match (const char *s, const char *p, Capture *cap)
static void Grim::str_find ()
static void Grim::add_s (lua_Object newp, Capture *cap)
static void Grim::str_gsub ()
static void Grim::luaI_addquoted (const char *s)
static void Grim::str_format ()
void Grim::strlib_open ()


static struct luaL_reg Grim::strlib []

Define Documentation

#define ESC   '%'

Definition at line 88 of file lstrlib.cpp.


Definition at line 6 of file lstrlib.cpp.


Definition at line 7 of file lstrlib.cpp.

#define MAX_CAPT   9

Definition at line 78 of file lstrlib.cpp.

#define MAX_FORMAT   200

Definition at line 421 of file lstrlib.cpp.

#define SPECIALS   "^$*?.([%-"

Definition at line 89 of file lstrlib.cpp.

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