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lvm.cpp File Reference

#include "engines/grim/lua/lauxlib.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ldo.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lfunc.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lgc.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lmem.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lopcodes.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstate.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstring.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ltable.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ltask.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ltm.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/luadebug.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lvm.h"
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namespace  Grim


#define skip_word(pc)   (pc += 2)
#define get_word(pc)   ((*((pc) + 1) << 8)|(*(pc)))
#define next_word(pc)   (pc += 2, get_word(pc - 2))
#define EXTRA_STACK   5


static TaggedString * Grim::strconc (char *l, char *r)
int32 Grim::luaV_tonumber (TObject *obj)
int32 Grim::luaV_tostring (TObject *obj)
void Grim::luaV_closure (int32 nelems)
void Grim::luaV_gettable ()
void Grim::luaV_settable (TObject *t, int32 mode)
void Grim::luaV_getglobal (TaggedString *ts)
void Grim::luaV_setglobal (TaggedString *ts)
static void Grim::call_binTM (IMS event, const char *msg)
static void Grim::call_arith (IMS event)
static void Grim::comparison (lua_Type ttype_less, lua_Type ttype_equal, lua_Type ttype_great, IMS op)
void Grim::luaV_pack (StkId firstel, int32 nvararg, TObject *tab)
static void Grim::adjust_varargs (StkId first_extra_arg)
StkId Grim::luaV_execute (lua_Task *task)

Define Documentation

#define EXTRA_STACK   5

Definition at line 29 of file lvm.cpp.


Definition at line 7 of file lvm.cpp.


Definition at line 6 of file lvm.cpp.

#define get_word (   pc  )     ((*((pc) + 1) << 8)|(*(pc)))

Definition at line 26 of file lvm.cpp.

#define next_word (   pc  )     (pc += 2, get_word(pc - 2))

Definition at line 27 of file lvm.cpp.

#define skip_word (   pc  )     (pc += 2)

Definition at line 25 of file lvm.cpp.

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