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lapi.cpp File Reference

#include "engines/grim/lua/lapi.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lauxlib.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ldo.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lfunc.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lgc.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lmem.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lobject.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstate.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lstring.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ltable.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/ltm.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lua.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/luadebug.h"
#include "engines/grim/lua/lvm.h"
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namespace  Grim




TObject * Grim::luaA_Address (lua_Object o)
static int32 Grim::normalized_type (TObject *o)
void Grim::set_normalized (TObject *d, TObject *s)
static TObject * Grim::luaA_protovalue (TObject *o)
void Grim::luaA_packresults ()
int32 Grim::luaA_passresults ()
static void Grim::checkCparams (int32 nParams)
static lua_Object Grim::put_luaObject (TObject *o)
static lua_Object Grim::put_luaObjectonTop ()
lua_Object Grim::lua_pop ()
lua_Object Grim::lua_lua2C (int32 number)
int32 Grim::lua_callfunction (lua_Object function)
lua_Object Grim::lua_gettagmethod (int32 tag, const char *event)
lua_Object Grim::lua_settagmethod (int32 tag, const char *event)
lua_Object Grim::lua_seterrormethod ()
lua_Object Grim::lua_gettable ()
lua_Object Grim::lua_rawgettable ()
void Grim::lua_settable ()
void Grim::lua_rawsettable ()
lua_Object Grim::lua_createtable ()
lua_Object Grim::lua_getglobal (const char *name)
lua_Object Grim::lua_rawgetglobal (const char *name)
void Grim::lua_setglobal (const char *name)
void Grim::lua_rawsetglobal (const char *name)
int32 Grim::lua_isnil (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_istable (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_isuserdata (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_iscfunction (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_isnumber (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_isstring (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_isfunction (lua_Object o)
float Grim::lua_getnumber (lua_Object object)
const char * Grim::lua_getstring (lua_Object object)
int32 Grim::lua_getuserdata (lua_Object object)
lua_CFunction Grim::lua_getcfunction (lua_Object object)
void Grim::lua_pushnil ()
void Grim::lua_pushnumber (float n)
void Grim::lua_pushstring (const char *s)
void Grim::lua_pushCclosure (lua_CFunction fn, int32 n)
void Grim::lua_pushusertag (int32 u, int32 tag)
void Grim::luaA_pushobject (TObject *o)
void Grim::lua_pushobject (lua_Object o)
int32 Grim::lua_tag (lua_Object lo)
void Grim::lua_settag (int32 tag)
lua_Function Grim::lua_stackedfunction (int32 level)
int32 Grim::lua_currentline (lua_Function func)
lua_Object Grim::lua_getlocal (lua_Function func, int32 local_number, char **name)
int32 Grim::lua_setlocal (lua_Function func, int32 local_number)
void Grim::lua_funcinfo (lua_Object func, const char **filename, int32 *linedefined)
static int32 Grim::checkfunc (TObject *o)
const char * Grim::lua_getobjname (lua_Object o, const char **name)
void Grim::lua_beginblock ()
void Grim::lua_endblock ()
int32 Grim::lua_ref (int32 lock)
lua_Object Grim::lua_getref (int32 r)


char Grim::lua_ident [] = " $"
lua_CHFunction Grim::lua_callhook = nullptr
lua_LHFunction Grim::lua_linehook = nullptr

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