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File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
3do.cpp [code]
3do.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • sherlock (3DO version of Serrated Scalpel)
aabb.cpp [code]
aabb.h [code]
aac.cpp [code]
aac.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • groovie
about.cpp [code]
about.h [code]
abstract-fs.cpp [code]
abstract-fs.h [code]
abstractsyntaxtree.cpp [code]
abstractsyntaxtree.h [code]
AccelerateInterpolator.h [code]
action.cpp [code]
action.h [code]
actionmenu.cpp [code]
actionmenu.h [code]
Actions.cpp [code]
Actions.h [code]
grim/actor.cpp [code]
stark/visual/actor.cpp [code]
grim/actor.h [code]
stark/visual/actor.h [code]
adlib.cpp [code]
adpcm.cpp [code]
adpcm.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • agos
  • lastexpress
  • mohawk
  • saga
  • sci (DK3 ADPCM for Phantasmagoria 2)
  • scumm
  • tinsel
adpcm_intern.h [code]
advancedDetector.cpp [code]
advancedDetector.h [code]
aiff.cpp [code]
aiff.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • bbvs
  • pegasus
  • saga
  • sci
  • sword1
aifftrack.cpp [code]
aifftrack.h [code]
algorithm.h [code]
AlphaAnimation.h [code]
alsa.cpp [code]
alsa_opl.cpp [code]
ambient.cpp [code]
ambient.h [code]
amigaos-main.cpp [code]
amigaos.cpp [code]
amigaos.h [code]
amigaos4-fs-factory.cpp [code]
amigaos4-fs-factory.h [code]
amigaos4-fs.cpp [code]
amigaos4-fs.h [code]
android.cpp [code]
android.h [code]
angle.cpp [code]
angle.h [code]
anim.cpp [code]
anim.h [code]
anim_component.cpp [code]
anim_component.h [code]
Animation.cpp [code]
animation.cpp [code]
Animation.h [code]
animation.h [code]
animationemi.cpp [code]
animationemi.h [code]
animhandler.cpp [code]
animhandler.h [code]
animhierarchy.cpp [code]
animhierarchy.h [code]
animscript.cpp [code]
animscript.h [code]
animsoundtrigger.cpp [code]
animsoundtrigger.h [code]
api.cpp [code]
appmenu_osx.h [code] [code]
common/archive.cpp [code]
engines/myst3/archive.cpp [code]
common/archive.h [code]
engines/myst3/archive.h [code]
archiveloader.cpp [code]
archiveloader.h [code]
array.h [code]
arrays.cpp [code]
asf.cpp [code]
asf.h [code]
asset-archive.cpp [code]
asset-archive.h [code]
audiocd-stream.cpp [code]
audiocd-stream.h [code]
audiocd.h [code]
audiostream.cpp [code]
audiostream.h [code]
avi_decoder.cpp [code]
avi_decoder.h [code]
base-backend.cpp [code]
base-backend.h [code]
basehandler.h [code]
bdf.cpp [code]
bdf.h [code]
biff.cpp [code]
biff.h [code]
biffmesh.cpp [code]
biffmesh.h [code]
bink.cpp [code]
bink.h [code]
bink_decoder.cpp [code]
bink_decoder.h [code]
binkdata.h [code]
bitmap.cpp [code]
bitmap.h [code]
bitmap_component.cpp [code]
bitmap_component.h [code]
bitstream.h [code]
block.cpp [code]
block.h [code]
blocky16.cpp [code]
blocky16.h [code]
blocky8.cpp [code]
blocky8.h [code]
bmp.cpp [code]
bmp.h [code]Image decoder used in engines:

  • hugo
  • mohawk
  • wintermute
bmp_raw.cpp [code]
bmp_raw.h [code]
bonesmesh.cpp [code]
bonesmesh.h [code]
bookmark.cpp [code]
bookmark.h [code]
box_shaders.cpp [code]
boxlistdirectorybyidrequest.cpp [code]
boxlistdirectorybyidrequest.h [code]
boxstorage.cpp [code]
boxstorage.h [code]
boxtokenrefresher.cpp [code]
boxtokenrefresher.h [code]
boxuploadrequest.cpp [code]
boxuploadrequest.h [code]
browser.cpp [code]
browser.h [code] [code]
bubbles.cpp [code]
bubbles.h [code]
bufferedstream.h [code]
button.cpp [code]
button.h [code]
c++11-compat.h [code]
callback.h [code]
camd.cpp [code]
camera.cpp [code]
camera.h [code]
cdtoons.cpp [code]
cdtoons.h [code]
chooser.cpp [code]
chooser.h [code]
chore.cpp [code]
chore.h [code]
chroot-fs-factory.cpp [code]
chroot-fs-factory.h [code]
chroot-fs.cpp [code]
chroot-fs.h [code]
cinepak.cpp [code]
cinepak.h [code]
cinepak_tables.h [code]
clear.cpp [code]
clicktext.cpp [code]
clicktext.h [code]
client.cpp [code]
client.h [code]
clip.cpp [code]
cloudicon.cpp [code]
cloudicon.h [code]
cloudicon_data.h [code]
cloudicon_disabled_data.h [code]
cloudmanager.cpp [code]
cloudmanager.h [code]
cms.cpp [code]
cms.h [code]
codec.cpp [code]
audio/decoders/codec.h [code]
image/codecs/codec.h [code]
codec48.cpp [code]
codec48.h [code]
coktel_decoder.cpp [code]
coktel_decoder.h [code]
color.cpp [code]
color.h [code]
colormap.cpp [code]
colormap.h [code]
colormap_component.cpp [code]
colormap_component.h [code]
colormasks.h [code]
resources/command.cpp [code]
tools/command.cpp [code]
resources/command.h [code]
tools/command.h [code]
commandLine.cpp [code]
commandLine.h [code]
compat_shaders.cpp [code]
component.cpp [code]
component.h [code]
config-manager.cpp [code]
config-manager.h [code]
connectionmanager.cpp [code]
connectionmanager.h [code]
engines/myst3/console.cpp [code]
engines/stark/console.cpp [code]
gui/console.cpp [code]
engines/myst3/console.h [code]
engines/stark/console.h [code]
gui/console.h [code]
consolefont.cpp [code]
container.cpp [code]
container.h [code]
context.cpp [code]
context.h [code]
control_shaders.cpp [code]
conversion.cpp [code]
conversion.h [code]
coreaudio.cpp [code]
coremidi.cpp [code]
coroutines.cpp [code]
coroutines.h [code]
cosinetables.cpp [code]
cosinetables.h [code]
costume.cpp [code]
costume.h [code]
costumeemi.cpp [code]
costumeemi.h [code]
createdirectoryhandler.cpp [code]
createdirectoryhandler.h [code]
credits.h [code]
curljsonrequest.cpp [code]
curljsonrequest.h [code]
curlrequest.cpp [code]
curlrequest.h [code]
myst3/cursor.cpp [code]
stark/ui/cursor.cpp [code]
engines/myst3/cursor.h [code]
engines/stark/ui/cursor.h [code]
graphics/cursor.h [code]
cursorman.cpp [code]
cursorman.h [code]
database.cpp [code]
database.h [code]
dbopl.cpp [code]
dbopl.h [code]
dcl.cpp [code]
dcl.h [code]PKWARE DCL ("explode") ("PKWARE data compression library") decompressor used in engines:

  • agos (exclusively for Simon 2 setup.shr file)
  • mohawk
  • neverhood
  • sci
dct.cpp [code]
dct.h [code]
debug-channels.h [code]
common/debug.cpp [code]
engines/grim/debug.cpp [code]
common/debug.h [code]
engines/grim/debug.h [code]
engines/stark/debug.h [code]
engines/grim/debugger.cpp [code]
gui/debugger.cpp [code]
engines/grim/debugger.h [code]
gui/debugger.h [code]
DeccelerateInterpolator.h [code]
decompiler.cpp [code]
decompiler.h [code]
default-audiocd.cpp [code]
default-audiocd.h [code]
default-events.cpp [code]
default-events.h [code]
default-palette.h [code]
default-saves.cpp [code]
default-saves.h [code]
default-timer.cpp [code]
default-timer.h [code] [code]
grim/detection.cpp [code]
myst3/detection.cpp [code]
stark/detection.cpp [code]
engines/stark/resources/dialog.cpp [code]
gui/dialog.cpp [code]
engines/stark/resources/dialog.h [code]
gui/dialog.h [code]
dialogmenu.cpp [code]
dialogmenu.h [code]
dialogpanel.cpp [code]
dialogpanel.h [code]
dialogplayer.cpp [code]
dialogplayer.h [code]
dialogs.cpp [code]
dialogs.h [code]
diary.cpp [code]
diary.h [code]
diaryindex.cpp [code]
diaryindex.h [code]
diarypages.cpp [code]
diarypages.h [code]
direction.cpp [code]
direction.h [code]
directoryentry.cpp [code]
directoryentry.h [code]
directorysubentry.cpp [code]
directorysubentry.h [code]
dmedia.cpp [code]
dockplugin.m [code]
dosbox.cpp [code]
dosbox.h [code]
downloaddialog.cpp [code]
downloaddialog.h [code]
downloadfilehandler.cpp [code]
downloadfilehandler.h [code]
downloadrequest.cpp [code]
downloadrequest.h [code]
Drawable.h [code]
driver.cpp [code]
driver.h [code]
dropboxcreatedirectoryrequest.cpp [code]
dropboxcreatedirectoryrequest.h [code]
dropboxinforequest.cpp [code]
dropboxinforequest.h [code]
dropboxlistdirectoryrequest.cpp [code]
dropboxlistdirectoryrequest.h [code]
dropboxstorage.cpp [code]
dropboxstorage.h [code]
dropboxuploadrequest.cpp [code]
dropboxuploadrequest.h [code]
dxa_decoder.cpp [code]
dxa_decoder.h [code]
dynamic-plugin.h [code]
editable.cpp [code]
editable.h [code] [code]
editgamedialog.cpp [code]
editgamedialog.h [code]
editrecorddialog.cpp [code]
editrecorddialog.h [code]
edittext.cpp [code]
edittext.h [code]
effect.cpp [code]
effect.h [code]
effects.cpp [code]
effects.h [code]
emi.cpp [code]
emi.h [code]
emi_registry.cpp [code]
emi_registry.h [code]
emianim_component.cpp [code]
emianim_component.h [code]
emichore.cpp [code]
emichore.h [code]
emihead.cpp [code]
emihead.h [code]
emiluacode_component.cpp [code]
emiluacode_component.h [code]
emiluavar_component.cpp [code]
emiluavar_component.h [code]
emimesh_component.cpp [code]
emimesh_component.h [code]
emiskel_component.cpp [code]
emiskel_component.h [code]
emisound.cpp [code]
emisound.h [code]
emisprite_component.cpp [code]
emisprite_component.h [code]
emitexi_component.cpp [code]
emitexi_component.h [code]
emumidi.h [code]
endian.h [code]Endian conversion and byteswap conversion functions or macros
engine.cpp [code]
engine.h [code]
common/error.cpp [code]
gui/error.cpp [code]
common/error.h [code]
gui/error.h [code]
EventDispatcher.cpp [code]
EventMapper.cpp [code]
EventRecorder.cpp [code]
EventRecorder.h [code]
events.cpp [code]
backends/platform/android/events.h [code]
common/events.h [code]
explodingimage.cpp [code]
explodingimage.h [code]
faderenderer.h [code]
fft.cpp [code]
fft.h [code]
file.cpp [code]
file.h [code]
filebrowser-dialog.cpp [code]
filebrowser-dialog.h [code]
filesajaxpagehandler.cpp [code]
filesajaxpagehandler.h [code]
filesbasehandler.cpp [code]
filesbasehandler.h [code]
filespagehandler.cpp [code]
filespagehandler.h [code]
fireflies.cpp [code]
fireflies.h [code]
fish.cpp [code]
fish.h [code]
flac.cpp [code]
flac.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • agos
  • draci
  • kyra
  • queen
  • saga
  • sci
  • scumm
  • sword1
  • sword2
  • touche
  • tucker
flashingimage.cpp [code]
flashingimage.h [code]
flic_decoder.cpp [code]
flic_decoder.h [code]
floor.cpp [code]
floor.h [code]
floorface.cpp [code]
floorface.h [code]
floorfield.cpp [code]
floorfield.h [code]
fluidsynth-dialog.cpp [code]
fluidsynth-dialog.h [code]
fluidsynth.cpp [code]
fmopl.cpp [code]
fmopl.h [code]
fmv.cpp [code]
fmv.h [code]
fmvmenu.cpp [code]
fmvmenu.h [code]
fmvscreen.cpp [code]
fmvscreen.h [code]
folderdownloadrequest.cpp [code]
folderdownloadrequest.h [code]
followpath.cpp [code]
followpath.h [code]
followpathlight.cpp [code]
followpathlight.h [code]
engines/grim/font.cpp [code]
graphics/font.cpp [code]
engines/grim/font.h [code]
graphics/font.h [code]
fontman.cpp [code]
fontman.h [code]
fontprovider.cpp [code]
fontprovider.h [code]
forbidden.h [code]This header file is meant to help ensure that engines and infrastructure code do not make use of certain "forbidden" APIs, such as fopen(), setjmp(), etc
foreach.h [code]
frac.h [code]
framebuffer.cpp [code]
framebuffer.h [code]
framelimiter.cpp [code]
framelimiter.h [code]
frustum.cpp [code]
frustum.h [code]
fs-factory.h [code]
fs.cpp [code]
fs.h [code]
func.h [code]
game.cpp [code]
game.h [code]
gamechapter.cpp [code]
gamechapter.h [code]
gameinterface.cpp [code]
gameinterface.h [code]
gamemessage.cpp [code]
gamemessage.h [code]
gamescreen.cpp [code]
gamescreen.h [code]
gamewindow.cpp [code]
gamewindow.h [code]
get.cpp [code]
get_bits.h [code]
getclienthandler.cpp [code]
getclienthandler.h [code]
backends/platform/android/gfx.cpp [code]
engines/myst3/gfx.cpp [code]
gfx.h [code]
gfx_base.cpp [code]
gfx_base.h [code]
grim/gfx_opengl.cpp [code]
myst3/gfx_opengl.cpp [code]
grim/gfx_opengl.h [code]
myst3/gfx_opengl.h [code]
grim/gfx_opengl_shaders.cpp [code]
myst3/gfx_opengl_shaders.cpp [code]
grim/gfx_opengl_shaders.h [code]
myst3/gfx_opengl_shaders.h [code]
gfx_opengl_texture.cpp [code]
gfx_opengl_texture.h [code]
grim/gfx_tinygl.cpp [code]
myst3/gfx_tinygl.cpp [code]
grim/gfx_tinygl.h [code]
myst3/gfx_tinygl.h [code]
gfx_tinygl_texture.cpp [code]
gfx_tinygl_texture.h [code]
gl.h [code]
glmath.cpp [code]
glmath.h [code]
global.cpp [code]
global.h [code]
googledrivelistdirectorybyidrequest.cpp [code]
googledrivelistdirectorybyidrequest.h [code]
googledrivestorage.cpp [code]
googledrivestorage.h [code]
googledrivetokenrefresher.cpp [code]
googledrivetokenrefresher.h [code]
googledriveuploadrequest.cpp [code]
googledriveuploadrequest.h [code]
graphics.h [code]
grim.cpp [code]
grim.h [code]
grim_controls.cpp [code]
gui-manager.cpp [code]
gui-manager.h [code]
gui_options.cpp [code]
gui_options.h [code]
handlerutils.cpp [code]
handlerutils.h [code]
hardware-input.cpp [code]
hardware-input.h [code]
hash-ptr.h [code]
hash-str.h [code]
hashmap.cpp [code]
hashmap.h [code]
head.cpp [code]
head.h [code]
hotspot.cpp [code]
hotspot.h [code]
huffman.cpp [code]
huffman.h [code]
iconv.cpp [code]
iconv.h [code]
idcreatedirectoryrequest.cpp [code]
idcreatedirectoryrequest.h [code]
iddownloadrequest.cpp [code]
iddownloadrequest.h [code]
idlistdirectoryrequest.cpp [code]
idlistdirectoryrequest.h [code]
idresolveidrequest.cpp [code]
idresolveidrequest.h [code]
idstorage.cpp [code]
idstorage.h [code]
idstreamfilerequest.cpp [code]
idstreamfilerequest.h [code]
iff.cpp [code]
iff.h [code]Image decoder used in engines:

  • gob
  • parallaction
  • queen
  • saga
iff_container.cpp [code]
iff_container.h [code]
iff_sound.cpp [code]
iff_sound.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • parallaction
image-map.cpp [code]
image-map.h [code]
resources/image.cpp [code]
visual/image.cpp [code]
resources/image.h [code]
visual/image.h [code]
image_decoder.h [code]
image_util.cpp [code]
imuse.cpp [code]
imuse.h [code]
imuse_mcmp_mgr.cpp [code]
imuse_mcmp_mgr.h [code]
imuse_music.cpp [code]
imuse_script.cpp [code]
imuse_sndmgr.cpp [code]
imuse_sndmgr.h [code]
imuse_tables.cpp [code]
imuse_tables.h [code]
imuse_track.cpp [code]
imuse_track.h [code]
indeo.cpp [code]
indeo.h [code]
indeo3.cpp [code]
indeo3.h [code]
indeo4.cpp [code]
indeo4.h [code]
indeo5.cpp [code]
indeo5.h [code]
indeo_dsp.cpp [code]
indeo_dsp.h [code]
indexpagehandler.cpp [code]
indexpagehandler.h [code]
ini-file.cpp [code]
ini-file.h [code]
init.cpp [code]
inputdialog.cpp [code]
inputdialog.h [code]
installshield_cab.cpp [code]
installshield_cab.h [code]
intern.h [code]
internal_version.h [code]
Interpolator.h [code]
inventory.cpp [code]
inventory.h [code]
inventorywindow.cpp [code]
inventorywindow.h [code]
iris.cpp [code]
iris.h [code]
islimited-android.cpp [code]
islimited-default.cpp [code]
islimited.h [code]
iso8601.cpp [code]
iso8601.h [code]
iss.cpp [code]
iss.h [code]
item.cpp [code]
item.h [code]
jni.cpp [code]
jni.h [code]
jpeg.cpp [code]
jpeg.h [code]Image decoder used in engines:

  • groovie
  • mohawk
  • wintermute
json.cpp [code]
json.h [code]
Key.cpp [code]
Key.h [code]
keyboard.h [code]
keycode-descriptions.h [code]
keyframe.cpp [code]
keyframe.h [code]
keyframe_component.cpp [code]
keyframe_component.h [code]
keymap.cpp [code]
keymap.h [code]
keymapper-defaults.h [code]
keymapper.cpp [code]
keymapper.h [code]
KeysDialog.cpp [code]
KeysDialog.h [code]
knowledge.cpp [code]
knowledge.h [code]
knowledgeset.cpp [code]
knowledgeset.h [code]
lab.cpp [code]
lab.h [code]
lang_filter.cpp [code]
lang_filter.h [code]
language.cpp [code]
language.h [code]
lapi.cpp [code]
lapi.h [code]
launcher.cpp [code]
launcher.h [code]
lauxlib.cpp [code]
lauxlib.h [code]
grim/emi/layer.cpp [code]
stark/resources/layer.cpp [code]
grim/emi/layer.h [code]
stark/resources/layer.h [code]
lbuffer.cpp [code]
lbuiltin.cpp [code]
lbuiltin.h [code]
ldo.cpp [code]
ldo.h [code]
level.cpp [code]
level.h [code]
lfunc.cpp [code]
lfunc.h [code]
lgc.cpp [code]
lgc.h [code]
engines/stark/resources/light.cpp [code]
graphics/tinygl/light.cpp [code]
light.h [code]
line2d.cpp [code]
line2d.h [code]
line3d.cpp [code]
line3d.h [code]
linux-audiocd.cpp [code]
linux-audiocd.h [code]
liolib.cpp [code]
grim/lipsync.cpp [code]
stark/resources/lipsync.cpp [code]
grim/lipsync.h [code]
stark/resources/lipsync.h [code]
graphics/tinygl/list.cpp [code]
gui/widgets/list.cpp [code]
common/list.h [code]
gui/widgets/list.h [code]
list_intern.h [code]
listajaxhandler.cpp [code]
listajaxhandler.h [code]
llex.cpp [code]
llex.h [code]
lmathlib.cpp [code]
lmem.cpp [code]
lmem.h [code]
lobject.cpp [code]
lobject.h [code]
localization.cpp [code]
localization.h [code]
localize.cpp [code]
localize.h [code]
localwebserver.cpp [code]
localwebserver.h [code]
location.cpp [code]
location.h [code]
locationscreen.cpp [code]
locationscreen.h [code]
log.cpp [code]
log.h [code]
logo_data.h [code]
lopcodes.h [code]
lparser.h [code]
lrestore.cpp [code]
lsave.cpp [code]
lstate.cpp [code]
lstate.h [code]
lstring.cpp [code]
lstring.h [code]
lstrlib.cpp [code]
lstx.cpp [code]
lstx.h [code]
ltable.cpp [code]
ltable.h [code]
ltask.cpp [code]
ltask.h [code]
ltm.cpp [code]
ltm.h [code]
lua.cpp [code]
lua/lua.h [code]
lua.h [code]
lua_v1.cpp [code]
lua_v1.h [code]
lua_v1_actor.cpp [code]
lua_v1_graphics.cpp [code]
lua_v1_set.cpp [code]
lua_v1_sound.cpp [code]
lua_v1_text.cpp [code]
lua_v2.cpp [code]
lua_v2.h [code]
lua_v2_actor.cpp [code]
lua_v2_sound.cpp [code]
lua_var_component.cpp [code]
lua_var_component.h [code]
luadebug.h [code]
lualib.h [code]
lundump.cpp [code]
lundump.h [code]
lvm.cpp [code]
lvm.h [code]
lzio.cpp [code]
lzio.h [code]
mac_snd.cpp [code]
mac_snd.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • saga
  • sci
maccursor.cpp [code]
maccursor.h [code]Macintosh cursor decoding used in engines:

  • mohawk
  • sci
  • scumm
macosx-audiocd.cpp [code]
macosx-audiocd.h [code]
macosx-compat.h [code]
macosx-main.cpp [code]
macosx-taskbar.h [code] [code]
macosx-updates.h [code] [code]
macosx.cpp [code]
macosx.h [code]
macosx_wrapper.h [code] [code]
macresman.cpp [code]
macresman.h [code]Macintosh resource fork manager used in engines:

  • groovie
  • mohawk
  • pegasus
  • sci
  • scumm
main.cpp [code]
main.h [code]
main_model_component.cpp [code]
main_model_component.h [code]
mainmenu.cpp [code]
mainmenu.h [code]
mame.cpp [code]
mame.h [code]
managed_surface.cpp [code]
managed_surface.h [code]
massadd.cpp [code]
massadd.h [code]
material.cpp [code]
material.h [code]
material_component.cpp [code]
material_component.h [code]
math.h [code]
mathfwd.h [code]
matrix.cpp [code]
matrix.h [code]
matrix3.cpp [code]
matrix3.h [code]
matrix4.cpp [code]
matrix4.h [code]
md5.cpp [code]
md5.h [code]
md5check.cpp [code]
md5check.h [code]
md5checkdialog.cpp [code]
md5checkdialog.h [code]
mdct.cpp [code](Inverse) Modified Discrete Cosine Transforms
mdct.h [code]
mem.cpp [code]
mem.h [code]
memory.cpp [code]
memory.h [code]
memorypool.cpp [code]
memorypool.h [code]
memstream.h [code]
menu.cpp [code]
menu.h [code]
mesh_component.cpp [code]
mesh_component.h [code]
message.cpp [code]
message.h [code]
metaengine.h [code]
mididrv.cpp [code]
mididrv.h [code]
midiparser.cpp [code]
midiparser.h [code]
midiparser_qt.cpp [code]
midiparser_qt.h [code]
mingw-compat.h [code]
misc.cpp [code]
mixer.cpp [code]
mixer.h [code]
mixer_intern.h [code]
mjpeg.cpp [code]
mjpeg.h [code]
mode.h [code]
grim/model.cpp [code]
stark/model/model.cpp [code]
grim/model.h [code]
stark/model/model.h [code]
model_component.cpp [code]
model_component.h [code]
modelemi.cpp [code]
modelemi.h [code]
modular-backend.cpp [code]
modular-backend.h [code]
movement.cpp [code]
movement.h [code]
grim/movie/movie.cpp [code]
myst3/movie.cpp [code]
grim/movie/movie.h [code]
myst3/movie.h [code]
mp3.cpp [code]
mp3.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • agos
  • draci
  • kyra
  • mohawk
  • queen
  • saga
  • sci
  • scumm
  • sword1
  • sword2
  • titanic
  • touche
  • tucker
mp3track.cpp [code]
mp3track.h [code]
engines/grim/movie/mpeg.cpp [code]
image/codecs/mpeg.cpp [code]
engines/grim/movie/mpeg.h [code]
image/codecs/mpeg.h [code]
mpegps_decoder.cpp [code]
mpegps_decoder.h [code]
mpu401.cpp [code]
mpu401.h [code]
mscab.cpp [code]
mscab.h [code]
msrle.cpp [code]
msrle.h [code]
msrle4.cpp [code]
msrle4.h [code]
msvideo1.cpp [code]
msvideo1.h [code]
musicplugin.cpp [code]
musicplugin.h [code]
mutex.cpp [code]
backends/mutex/mutex.h [code]
common/mutex.h [code]
myst3.cpp [code]
myst3.h [code]
networkreadstream.cpp [code]
networkreadstream.h [code]
newfont.cpp [code]
newfont_big.cpp [code]
nine_patch.cpp [code]
nine_patch.h [code]
node.cpp [code]
node.h [code]
nodecube.cpp [code]
nodecube.h [code]
nodeframe.cpp [code]
nodeframe.h [code]
noncopyable.h [code]
ntddcdrm.h [code]Copyright 2012, 2013 project
null.cpp [code]
null.h [code]
engines/grim/object.cpp [code]
engines/stark/resources/object.cpp [code]
gui/object.cpp [code]
engines/grim/object.h [code]
engines/stark/resources/object.h [code]
gui/object.h [code]
objectstate.cpp [code]
objectstate.h [code]
obsolete.cpp [code]
obsolete.h [code]
onedrivecreatedirectoryrequest.cpp [code]
onedrivecreatedirectoryrequest.h [code]
onedrivelistdirectoryrequest.cpp [code]
onedrivelistdirectoryrequest.h [code]
onedrivestorage.cpp [code]
onedrivestorage.h [code]
onedrivetokenrefresher.cpp [code]
onedrivetokenrefresher.h [code]
onedriveuploadrequest.cpp [code]
onedriveuploadrequest.h [code]
onscreendialog.cpp [code]
onscreendialog.h [code]
opengls.cpp [code]
opengls.h [code]
openglsactor.cpp [code]
openglsactor.h [code]
openglsdl-graphics.cpp [code]
openglsdl-graphics.h [code]
openglsfade.cpp [code]
openglsfade.h [code]
openglsprop.cpp [code]
openglsprop.h [code]
openglssurface.cpp [code]
openglssurface.h [code]
opengltexture.cpp [code]
opengltexture.h [code]
opinfo.h [code]
options.cpp [code]
options.h [code]
osd_message_queue.cpp [code]
osd_message_queue.h [code]
pack-end.h [code]
pack-start.h [code]
packfile.cpp [code]
packfile.h [code]
palette.h [code]
ParallelAnimation.h [code]
patchr.cpp [code]
patchr.h [code]
path.cpp [code]
path.h [code]
pattable.cpp [code]
pattable.h [code]
pcx.cpp [code]
pcx.h [code]
pict.cpp [code]
pict.h [code]Image decoder used in engines:

  • mohawk
  • pegasus
  • sci
pixelbuffer.cpp [code]
pixelbuffer.h [code]
pixelformat.cpp [code]
pixelformat.h [code]
plane.cpp [code]
plane.h [code]
platform.cpp [code]
platform.h [code]
plugins.cpp [code]
plugins.h [code]
png.cpp [code]
png.h [code]
polygon.cpp [code]
polygon.h [code]
pool.h [code]
poolsound.cpp [code]
poolsound.h [code]
popup.cpp [code]
popup.h [code]
posix-fs-factory.cpp [code]
posix-fs-factory.h [code]
posix-fs.cpp [code]
posix-fs.h [code]
posix-main.cpp [code]
posix-provider.cpp [code]
posix-provider.h [code]
posix-saves.cpp [code]
posix-saves.h [code]
posix.cpp [code]
posix.h [code]
predictivedialog.cpp [code]
predictivedialog.h [code]
engines/grim/primitives.cpp [code]
graphics/primitives.cpp [code]
engines/grim/primitives.h [code]
graphics/primitives.h [code]
prop.cpp [code]
prop.h [code]
ps3-fs-factory.cpp [code]
ps3-fs-factory.h [code]
ps3-main.cpp [code]
ps3.cpp [code]
ps3.h [code]
ps3sdl-events.cpp [code]
ps3sdl-events.h [code]
psx_decoder.cpp [code]
psx_decoder.h [code]
ptr.h [code]
puzzles.cpp [code]
puzzles.h [code]
qdm2.cpp [code]
qdm2.h [code]
qdm2data.h [code]
qt_decoder.cpp [code]
qt_decoder.h [code]
qtrle.cpp [code]
qtrle.h [code]
quat.cpp [code]
quat.h [code]
queue.h [code]
audio/decoders/quicktime.cpp [code]
common/quicktime.cpp [code]
engines/grim/movie/quicktime.cpp [code]
audio/decoders/quicktime.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • groovie
  • mohawk
  • pegasus
  • sci
common/quicktime.h [code]
engines/grim/movie/quicktime.h [code]
quicktime_intern.h [code]
random.cpp [code]
random.h [code]
rate.cpp [code]
rate.h [code]
rate_arm.cpp [code]
rational.cpp [code]
rational.h [code]
raw.cpp [code]
raw.h [code]
ray.cpp [code]
ray.h [code]
rdft.cpp [code]
rdft.h [code]
reader.cpp [code]
reader.h [code]
recorder-saves.cpp [code]
recorder-saves.h [code]
recorderdialog.cpp [code]
recorderdialog.h [code]
recorderfile.cpp [code]
recorderfile.h [code]
rect.h [code]
rect2d.cpp [code]
rect2d.h [code]
registry.cpp [code]
registry.h [code]
remap-dialog.cpp [code]
remap-dialog.h [code]
remotebrowser.cpp [code]
remotebrowser.h [code]
renderentry.cpp [code]
renderentry.h [code]
renderer.cpp [code]
renderer.h [code]
rendermode.cpp [code]
rendermode.h [code]
RepeatAnimationWrapper.cpp [code]
RepeatAnimationWrapper.h [code]
request.cpp [code]
request.h [code] [code] [code] [code]
resource.cpp [code]
resource.h [code]
resourcehandler.cpp [code]
resourcehandler.h [code]
resourceprovider.cpp [code]
resourceprovider.h [code]
resourcereference.cpp [code]
resourcereference.h [code]
resvm-sdl-events.cpp [code]
resvm-sdl-events.h [code]
resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp [code]
resvm-sdl-graphics.h [code]
root.cpp [code]
root.h [code]
rotation3d.h [code]
rpza.cpp [code]
rpza.h [code]
safe-bool.h [code]
savefile.cpp [code]
savefile.h [code]
savegame.cpp [code]
savegame.h [code]
saveload-dialog.cpp [code]
saveload-dialog.h [code]
saveload.cpp [code]
saveload.h [code]
saveloadmenu.cpp [code]
saveloadmenu.h [code]
savemetadata.cpp [code]
savemetadata.h [code]
savessyncrequest.cpp [code]
savessyncrequest.h [code]
savestate.cpp [code]
savestate.h [code]
ScaleAnimation.h [code]
scaler.h [code]
myst3/scene.cpp [code]
stark/scene.cpp [code]
myst3/scene.h [code]
stark/scene.h [code]
screen.cpp [code]
engines/stark/ui/screen.h [code]
graphics/screen.h [code]
myst3/script.cpp [code]
stark/resources/script.cpp [code]
myst3/script.h [code]
stark/resources/script.h [code]
scroll.cpp [code]
scroll.h [code]
scrollbar.cpp [code]
scrollbar.h [code]
scrollcontainer.cpp [code]
scrollcontainer.h [code]
scummsys.h [code] [code]
scx.cpp [code]
scx.h [code]
scxtrack.cpp [code]
scxtrack.h [code]
sdl-audiocd.cpp [code]
sdl-audiocd.h [code]
sdl-events.cpp [code]
sdl-events.h [code]
sdl-graphics.cpp [code]
sdl-graphics.h [code]
sdl-mixer.cpp [code]
sdl-mixer.h [code]
sdl-mutex.cpp [code]
sdl-mutex.h [code]
sdl-provider.cpp [code]
sdl-provider.h [code]
sdl-sys.h [code]
sdl-timer.cpp [code]
sdl-timer.h [code]
sdl-window.cpp [code]
sdl-window.h [code]
sdl.cpp [code]
sdl.h [code]
sector.cpp [code]
sector.h [code]
select.cpp [code]
seq.cpp [code]
SequenceAnimationComposite.cpp [code]
SequenceAnimationComposite.h [code]
serializer.h [code]
services.cpp [code]
services.h [code]
set.cpp [code]
set.h [code]
settings.cpp [code]
settings.h [code]
settingsmenu.cpp [code]
settingsmenu.h [code]
shader.cpp [code]
shader.h [code]
shortestpath.cpp [code]
shortestpath.h [code]
sinetables.cpp [code]
sinetables.h [code]
sinewindows.cpp [code]
sinewindows.h [code]
singleton.h [code]
sjis.cpp [code]
sjis.h [code]
skeleton.cpp [code]
skeleton.h [code]
skeleton_anim.cpp [code]
skeleton_anim.h [code]
smacker.cpp [code]
smacker.h [code]
smc.cpp [code]
smc.h [code]
smk_decoder.cpp [code]
smk_decoder.h [code]
smush.cpp [code]
smush.h [code]
smush_decoder.cpp [code]
smush_decoder.h [code]
sndio.cpp [code]
grim/sound.cpp [code]
myst3/sound.cpp [code]
stark/resources/sound.cpp [code]
grim/sound.h [code]
myst3/sound.h [code]
stark/resources/sound.h [code]
sound_component.cpp [code]
sound_component.h [code]
specbuf.cpp [code]
speech.cpp [code]
speech.h [code]
sprite.cpp [code]
sprite.h [code]
sprite_component.cpp [code]
sprite_component.h [code]
squarematrix.h [code]
stack.h [code]
stark.cpp [code]
stark.h [code]
state.cpp [code]
state.h [code]
stateprovider.cpp [code]
stateprovider.h [code]
staticprovider.cpp [code]
staticprovider.h [code]
stdiostream.cpp [code]
stdiostream.h [code]
stmidi.cpp [code]
storage.cpp [code]
storage.h [code]
storagefile.cpp [code]
storagefile.h [code]
storageinfo.h [code]
storagewizarddialog.cpp [code]
storagewizarddialog.h [code]
str-array.h [code]
str.cpp [code]
str.h [code]
stream.cpp [code]
stream.h [code]
streamdebug.cpp [code]
streamdebug.h [code]
string.cpp [code]
string.h [code]
stringpullingpath.cpp [code]
stringpullingpath.h [code]
stuffit.cpp [code]
stuffit.h [code]
substream.h [code]
subtitles.cpp [code]
subtitles.h [code]
surface.cpp [code]
surface.h [code]
engines/stark/gfx/surfacerenderer.cpp [code]
graphics/opengl/surfacerenderer.cpp [code]
engines/stark/gfx/surfacerenderer.h [code]
graphics/opengl/surfacerenderer.h [code]
surfacesdl-graphics.cpp [code]
surfacesdl-graphics.h [code]
svq1.cpp [code]
svq1.h [code]
svq1_cb.h [code]
svq1_vlc.h [code]
system.cpp [code]
system.h [code]
system_headers.h [code]
tab.cpp [code]
tab.h [code]
taskbar.h [code]
text.cpp [code]
text.h [code]
textconsole.cpp [code]
textconsole.h [code]
textobject.cpp [code]
textobject.h [code]
textsplit.cpp [code]
textsplit.h [code]
backends/platform/android/texture.cpp [code]
engines/stark/gfx/texture.cpp [code]
graphics/opengl/texture.cpp [code]
graphics/tinygl/texture.cpp [code]
backends/platform/android/texture.h [code]
engines/stark/gfx/texture.h [code]
graphics/opengl/texture.h [code]
textureset.cpp [code]
textureset.h [code]
tga.cpp [code]
tga.h [code]
themebrowser.cpp [code]
themebrowser.h [code]
ThemeEngine.cpp [code]
ThemeEngine.h [code]
ThemeEval.cpp [code]
ThemeEval.h [code]
ThemeLayout.cpp [code]
ThemeLayout.h [code]
ThemeParser.cpp [code]
ThemeParser.h [code]
theora_decoder.cpp [code]
theora_decoder.h [code]
thumbnail.cpp [code]
thumbnail.h [code]
tiledsurface.cpp [code]
tiledsurface.h [code]
timer.h [code]
timestamp.cpp [code]
timestamp.h [code]
timidity.cpp [code]
tm.cpp [code]
tm.h [code]
tokenizer.cpp [code]
tokenizer.h [code]
Tooltip.cpp [code]
Tooltip.h [code]
topmenu.cpp [code]
topmenu.h [code]
touchcontrols.cpp [code]
touchcontrols.h [code]
track.cpp [code]
track.h [code]
transform.h [code]
transform_struct.cpp [code]
transform_struct.h [code]
transform_tools.cpp [code]
transform_tools.h [code]
transition.cpp [code]
transition.h [code]
translation.cpp [code]
translation.h [code]
transparent_surface.cpp [code]
transparent_surface.h [code]
truemotion1.cpp [code]
truemotion1.h [code]
truemotion1data.h [code]
ttf.cpp [code]
ttf.h [code]
turn.cpp [code]
turn.h [code]
types.h [code]
unarj.cpp [code]
unarj.h [code]ARJ decompressor used in engines:

  • drascula
unity-taskbar.cpp [code]
unity-taskbar.h [code]
unknown-game-dialog.cpp [code]
unknown-game-dialog.h [code]
unzip.cpp [code]
unzip.h [code]
update.cpp [code]
update.h [code]
updates-dialog.cpp [code]
updates-dialog.h [code]
updates.cpp [code]
updates.h [code]
uploadfileclienthandler.cpp [code]
uploadfileclienthandler.h [code]
uploadfilehandler.cpp [code]
uploadfilehandler.h [code]
userinterface.cpp [code]
userinterface.h [code]
ustr.cpp [code]
ustr.h [code]
util.cpp [code]
audio/decoders/util.h [code]
common/util.h [code]
engines/util.h [code]
utils.h [code]
vector.h [code]
vector2d.cpp [code]
vector2d.h [code]
vector3d.cpp [code]
vector3d.h [code]
vector4d.cpp [code]
vector4d.h [code]
VectorRenderer.cpp [code]
VectorRenderer.h [code]
VectorRendererSpec.cpp [code]
VectorRendererSpec.h [code]
version.cpp [code]
version.h [code]
vertex.cpp [code]
video_decoder.cpp [code]
video_decoder.h [code]
vima.cpp [code]
vima.h [code]
vimatrack.cpp [code]
vimatrack.h [code]
virtual-keyboard-gui.cpp [code]
virtual-keyboard-gui.h [code]
virtual-keyboard-parser.cpp [code]
virtual-keyboard-parser.h [code]
virtual-keyboard.cpp [code]
virtual-keyboard.h [code]
visual.h [code] [code]
vlc.cpp [code]
vlc.h [code]
voc.cpp [code]
voc.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • agos
  • kyra
  • saga
  • scumm
  • touche
vorbis.cpp [code]
vorbis.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • agos
  • draci
  • kyra
  • queen
  • saga
  • sci
  • scumm
  • sword1
  • sword2
  • sword25
  • touche
  • tucker
  • wintermute
WaitForConditionAnimation.h [code]
walk.cpp [code]
walk.h [code]
wave.cpp [code]
wave.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • access
  • agos
  • cge
  • cge2
  • fullpipe
  • gob
  • hopkins
  • mohawk
  • prince
  • saga
  • sci
  • scumm
  • sherlock
  • sword1
  • sword2
    • titanic
  • tony
  • tucker
  • wintermute
  • zvision
wave_types.h [code]
widget.cpp [code]
widget.h [code]
win32-audiocd.cpp [code]
win32-audiocd.h [code]
win32-main.cpp [code]
win32-provider.cpp [code]
win32-provider.h [code]
win32-taskbar.cpp [code]
win32-taskbar.h [code]
win32-updates.cpp [code]
win32-updates.h [code]
win32-window.cpp [code]
win32-window.h [code]
win32.cpp [code]
win32.h [code]
wincursor.cpp [code]
wincursor.h [code]
window.cpp [code]
window.h [code]
windows-fs-factory.cpp [code]
windows-fs-factory.h [code]
windows-fs.cpp [code]
windows-fs.h [code]
windows-saves.cpp [code]
windows-saves.h [code]
windows.cpp [code]
winexe.cpp [code]
winexe.h [code]
winexe_ne.cpp [code]
winexe_ne.h [code]
winexe_pe.cpp [code]
winexe_pe.h [code]
winfont.cpp [code]
winfont.h [code]
wma.cpp [code]
wma.h [code]
wmadata.h [code]
xa.cpp [code]
xa.h [code]Sound decoder used in engines:

  • sword1 (PSX port of the game)
  • sword2 (PSX port of the game)
  • tinsel (PSX port of the game)
xarc.cpp [code]
xarc.h [code]
xmg.cpp [code]
xmg.h [code]
xmlparser.cpp [code]
xmlparser.h [code]
xrc.cpp [code]
xrc.h [code]
yuv_to_rgb.cpp [code]
yuv_to_rgb.h [code]YUV to RGB conversion
yuva_to_rgba.cpp [code]
yuva_to_rgba.h [code]YUV to RGB conversion used in engines:

  • mohawk
  • scumm (he)
  • sword25
zblit.cpp [code]
zblit.h [code]
zbuffer.cpp [code]
zbuffer.h [code]
zdirtyrect.cpp [code]
zdirtyrect.h [code]
zgl.h [code]
zlib.cpp [code]
zlib.h [code]
zline.cpp [code]
zmath.cpp [code]
zmath.h [code]
ztriangle.cpp [code]

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