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ResVmSdlGraphicsManager Class Reference

Base class for a ResidualVM SDL based graphics manager. More...

#include <resvm-sdl-graphics.h>

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struct  Capabilities
 Capabilities of the current device. More...

Public Member Functions

 ResVmSdlGraphicsManager (SdlEventSource *source, SdlWindow *window, const Capabilities &capabilities)
virtual ~ResVmSdlGraphicsManager ()
virtual void activateManager () override
virtual void deactivateManager () override
virtual void notifyVideoExpose () override
virtual bool notifyMousePosition (Common::Point mouse) override
virtual void setFeatureState (OSystem::Feature f, bool enable) override
virtual bool getFeatureState (OSystem::Feature f) const override
virtual const
getSupportedGraphicsModes () const override
virtual int getDefaultGraphicsMode () const override
virtual bool setGraphicsMode (int mode) override
virtual int getGraphicsMode () const override
virtual void resetGraphicsScale () override
virtual Graphics::PixelFormat getScreenFormat () const override
virtual Common::List
< Graphics::PixelFormat
getSupportedFormats () const override
virtual void initSize (uint w, uint h, const Graphics::PixelFormat *format=NULL) override
virtual int getScreenChangeID () const override
virtual void beginGFXTransaction () override
virtual OSystem::TransactionError endGFXTransaction () override
virtual void copyRectToScreen (const void *buf, int pitch, int x, int y, int w, int h) override
virtual Graphics::SurfacelockScreen () override
virtual void unlockScreen () override
virtual void fillScreen (uint32 col) override
virtual void setShakePos (int shakeOffset) override
virtual void setFocusRectangle (const Common::Rect &rect) override
virtual void clearFocusRectangle () override
virtual Graphics::PixelFormat getOverlayFormat () const override
virtual bool showMouse (bool visible) override
virtual bool lockMouse (bool lock) override
virtual void setMouseCursor (const void *buf, uint w, uint h, int hotspotX, int hotspotY, uint32 keycolor, bool dontScale=false, const Graphics::PixelFormat *format=NULL) override
virtual void setCursorPalette (const byte *colors, uint start, uint num) override
bool notifyEvent (const Common::Event &event) override
 Notifies the observer of an incoming event.
bool isMouseLocked () const
 Checks if mouse is locked or not.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void setPalette (const byte *colors, uint start, uint num) override
virtual void grabPalette (byte *colors, uint start, uint num) const override
Common::Rect getPreferredFullscreenResolution ()
 Obtain the user configured fullscreen resolution, or default to the desktop resolution.

Protected Attributes

const Capabilities_capabilities
bool _fullscreen
bool _lockAspectRatio
uint _engineRequestedWidth
uint _engineRequestedHeight
int _screenChangeCount
bool _overlayVisible
Graphics::PixelFormat _overlayFormat
Graphics::PixelFormat _screenFormat
< Graphics::PixelFormat

Detailed Description

Base class for a ResidualVM SDL based graphics manager.

Used to share reusable methods between SDL graphics managers

Definition at line 40 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::ResVmSdlGraphicsManager ( SdlEventSource source,
SdlWindow window,
const Capabilities capabilities 

Definition at line 35 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::~ResVmSdlGraphicsManager (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 49 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::activateManager (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 52 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::beginGFXTransaction (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 122 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::clearFocusRectangle (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 188 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::copyRectToScreen ( const void *  buf,
int  pitch,
int  x,
int  y,
int  w,
int  h 
) [override, virtual]

Definition at line 152 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::deactivateManager (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 59 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

OSystem::TransactionError ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::endGFXTransaction (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 126 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::fillScreen ( uint32  col  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 164 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

int ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getDefaultGraphicsMode (  )  const [override, virtual]

Definition at line 118 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getFeatureState ( OSystem::Feature  f  )  const [override, virtual]

Reimplemented in OpenGLSdlGraphicsManager.

Definition at line 103 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

int ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getGraphicsMode (  )  const [override, virtual]

Definition at line 143 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

virtual Graphics::PixelFormat ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getOverlayFormat (  )  const [inline, override, virtual]

Definition at line 108 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Common::Rect ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getPreferredFullscreenResolution (  )  [protected]

Obtain the user configured fullscreen resolution, or default to the desktop resolution.

Definition at line 68 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

virtual int ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getScreenChangeID (  )  const [inline, override, virtual]

Definition at line 86 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

virtual Graphics::PixelFormat ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getScreenFormat (  )  const [inline, override, virtual]

Definition at line 82 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Common::List< Graphics::PixelFormat > ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getSupportedFormats (  )  const [override, virtual]

Definition at line 132 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

const OSystem::GraphicsMode * ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::getSupportedGraphicsModes (  )  const [override, virtual]

Definition at line 114 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::grabPalette ( byte colors,
uint  start,
uint  num 
) const [override, protected, virtual]

Definition at line 172 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::initSize ( uint  w,
uint  h,
const Graphics::PixelFormat format = NULL 
) [override, virtual]

Definition at line 148 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::isMouseLocked (  )  const

Checks if mouse is locked or not.

Avoid to emulate a mouse movement from joystick if locked.

Definition at line 216 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::lockMouse ( bool  lock  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 201 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

Graphics::Surface * ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::lockScreen (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 156 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::notifyEvent ( const Common::Event event  )  [override, virtual]

Notifies the observer of an incoming event.

An observer is supposed to eat the event, with returning true, when it wants to prevent other observers from receiving the event. A usage example here is the keymapper: If it processes an Event, it should 'eat' it and create a new event, which the EventDispatcher will then catch.

event the event, which is incoming.
true if the event should not be passed to other observers, false otherwise.

Implements Common::EventObserver.

Definition at line 238 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::notifyMousePosition ( Common::Point  mouse  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 257 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::notifyVideoExpose (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 252 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::resetGraphicsScale (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 89 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setCursorPalette ( const byte colors,
uint  start,
uint  num 
) [override, virtual]

Definition at line 176 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setFeatureState ( OSystem::Feature  f,
bool  enable 
) [override, virtual]

Reimplemented in OpenGLSdlGraphicsManager, and SurfaceSdlGraphicsManager.

Definition at line 93 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setFocusRectangle ( const Common::Rect rect  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 184 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setGraphicsMode ( int  mode  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 138 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setMouseCursor ( const void *  buf,
uint  w,
uint  h,
int  hotspotX,
int  hotspotY,
uint32  keycolor,
bool  dontScale = false,
const Graphics::PixelFormat format = NULL 
) [override, virtual]

Definition at line 224 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setPalette ( const byte colors,
uint  start,
uint  num 
) [override, protected, virtual]

Definition at line 168 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::setShakePos ( int  shakeOffset  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 180 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

bool ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::showMouse ( bool  visible  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 196 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

void ResVmSdlGraphicsManager::unlockScreen (  )  [override, virtual]

Definition at line 160 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 130 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Definition at line 132 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Definition at line 133 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Definition at line 138 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

Definition at line 136 of file resvm-sdl-graphics.h.

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